Deek Magazine article:

I suppose at some point I’m expected to say that the [second largest Pittsburgh daily paper] was an awful place to work, where I was expected to sell out my values and join the vast right wing conspiracy. That, however, wasn’t really my experience. Most of the people I have known in newspapers fit the same stereotype—overworked, underpaid, and generally miserable. Sure, there were editors who I was convinced had been placed on this earth solely to make my life miserable, but who doesn’t want to tell their boss to go fuck himself or herself every now and again? And for every truly worthless jackass I encountered there, I met ten or so inspiring, intelligent and genuine people.

Most newspapers I have known aren’t evil. They’re just boring. It really had nothing to do with the [newspaper I worked for]. Newspapers are miserable places full of miserable people. Dedicated, indeed, but still miserable.

(via Three Rivers Tech Review)