So I’ve got a thing about moving stuff. I like to help people move. I don’t like to move myself, there’s a lot of stress in that. Packing, timing, worrying about the new place, etc. But helping other people move, that’s a different story.

I guess it’s because most of my work tends to be basically intellectual… I can spend hours working on an ad and and the end of the day, there’s not much to show for it. Just some text arranged so that it’s not too ugly. And the real work of the ad won’t pay off for quite a while.

Most of my hobbies are like this. The amount of time I might spend designing a web site, fixing a computer, or writing an story doesn’t seem to produce much. Some pixals on a screen. A couple pages of text. Not much changes.

So it’s nice to do things that have a more immediate and tangible pay off. Like moving. Suddenly, someone’s house is empty, and their trailor is full. Or the trailor is empty and the house is full.

It would be nice if the next day job I had was something a little more tangible. Because however productive I may be, it can be hard to really feel all that productive.

On a related note, I moved offices yesterday. It wasn’t a big deal, and it’s nice to be in my new space. My new office is nearly as big as my apartment in Seattle.