Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective

Here’s an application of political sex magick:

On Thursday, September 2nd, for several hours prior to and during George Bush?s re-nomination ceremony, the Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective (BOP-C) will be conducting Orgone operations with several of our Cloudbusters, attempting to suck the fascism from the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden. From an undisclosed location on the Brooklyn waterfront, we will be redirecting the flow of Life Energy above the deadly concentrations of hatred and greed accumulating in midtown Manhattan. If indeed our theories prove correct, it may be possible to reduce the entire convention floor to a quivering Saturnalia. The moans of Love shall ring out across the Land!

Link (via Sacred Whore)


  1. if they attempt to suck the fascism, where on earth they gonna redirect it to?

    send it to the moon, maybe?

  2. It’s going to be converted into inert energy. You know, after they’ve used it all up on the orgasms.

  3. friction. lubricants couldbe of use.

    after all, fascism is kinda like a dry fuck?

  4. More like being strapped down and hooked up to a vacuum pump.

  5. yeah, vacuum sucks!

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