Multinational companies are increasingly shifting sophisticated functions such as research and marketing to China, which is eager to cast off its image as a mere shop floor. (via Slashdot)

From the Slashdot comments:

The real protectionism is in “IP” laws. Restrictive licensing prevents people from actually rating Oracle’s databases so comparison is impossible. Worse, I can’t compete against Oracle if they get a bunch of bogus software patents. It is only that kind of government protection that makes the logistic headaches of outsourcing possible. In a free economy, most of the current big dumb companies would have been toppled by smaller smarter competition long ago.

As it is, the big dumb companies survive and feed off each other. The average American worker continues to suffer M$ desktops, mergers and layoffs while their overpaid executives pad their salaries with bonuses from all the money they have “saved” by eliminating their competition, auction proceeds and offshoring. The whole thing is a crock and represents the end of a long corporate looting spree.

The “service” economy was a lie. The US will quickly become a backwater if it fails to make things other people want. Some people were dumb enough to think that we could simply provide the world with “brains”. The definition of “brains” is swiftly being reduced to ownership of ideas that citizens of other countries are increasingly having.

Remember a couple months ago when I linked to this? I don’t think our outsourced corporate jobs are going to be replaced by corporate “creative jobs” (as argued here). We need to focus on education, health care, social services, and small business. I need to write a larger post about this.