Best interview I’ve read with RU in a long time. I know from experience he’s a sort of difficult interview subject. Not that he isn’t forthcoming, but I think he’s a bit sick of talking about all the same things. This guy had some good questions and got some good stuff out of him.

R.U. Sirius is kind of a pseudo-occult name that I took up in the mid 1980s, when I was doing ludicrous magic with the magazine High Frontiers, trying to bring about a psychedelic renaissance. High Frontiers eventually became Mondo 2000, and R.U. Sirius developed as a character also, I’m not quite sure, in the mid-90s R.U. Sirius became a combination of Marquis De Sade and a raver. […]

In terms of social engineering, I think that, you know, you think of yourself as being in a story, and life will start to have the kind of dynamics that you would have if you were in a story, rather than if you were part of some dire laborious mechanism, you know…

Better Propaganda: R.U. Sirius Interview

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