Jack Black to star in Green Lantern movie

Unbelievable. Jack Black will be starring in a Mask-esque comedy version of Green Lantern:

As I understand it, DC Comics tried desperately to dodge this bullet, but ultimately, they don’t have the right to veto something if Warner Bros. really wants to make it happen. This is the problem with the way DC’s deal with their corporate overlords is structured. Their hands are tied. As much as they are aware of the problem with this approach to the material, they just have to sit back and watch it happen along with fans of the character and the rich mythology that has been established over the long run of the various GREEN LANTERN titles.

Ain’t It Cool News: All Those Rumors About GREEN LANTERN… They

(thanks Brenden).

I wonder if Hal’s Emerald Attack Advancement Team will threaten to burn down Black’s house now?


  1. Jack Black is the balls, when he is doing Tenacious D or “High Fidelity.” Anyone who can get rich being entirely profane and sloppy should be applauded as an original. However, there is ground upon which his Puma sneakers should not tread; namely, stay off the Lantern Corps, baby!
    Unless Jack’s Lantern will be hanging out getting trashed and rebuffing the advances of Green Arrow (mmmm…Hello), I can’t see anything good coming of this. I’m sending Jay and Silent Bob to his doorstep. “Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light.” Yours, Hal

  2. dont get me wrong, i dont claim to be a huge green lanturn fan, but i have read a few of em, and I am an enormous jak blak fan, he will give ur superhero a popularity boost cause hes soo cool!

    also hey think bout it, if there is a wicked popular movie of the green lanturn right? thatl make it easy to get green lanturn merchandise etc, and bring new fans and therefore more cash to DC comics, I dont see how this can be percieved as a bad thing, lay off the D!

  3. Does anyone think that DC was putting up quite that much fuss over Constantine? I can only imagine that the Green Lantern, starring Jack Black, will look brilliant by comparison.

  4. Mike Buckendorf

    July 29, 2004 at 1:34 pm

    Forget merchandising for a minute, please. If that’s all you’re looking for, then by all means let Warner Bros. produce this piece of crap. DC knows the score and they reportedly tried to halt Jack Black as the choice for playing the role. They understand that his portrayal is all wrong for the project and the character, proving yet again that despite some good works like X-Men, Spiderman and Blade, there’s little room for understanding how comics should be projected into film in the minds of studio execs. Some projects should not be tarnished by reducing them to the obligatory Tenacious D style fart and sex joke. Sure its funny as hell, but it doesn’t belong on this story or this character.

  5. Satan(whom SINestro resembles ) has won again. Once again the soulless money grubbers of Hollywood have proven “Greed is bad”.

    With today’s technology a solid good Super Hero movie could be made, and many different story lines. But the sinners of LALA land went straight for the buck. By the time this movie is over Mr. Black could be another dead, overweight druged up dead actor.

  6. Went straight for the buck? They went straight past it. They’re going for Mask-style slapstick, but the Mask bombed even though it had the Jim Carrey at the height of his career. Or remember Mystery Men with Ben Stiller? No? No wonder. Or those last 2 Batman movies?

    But how much money have the X-Men and Spiderman films made? Daredevil? Or how about the the various DCU cartoons? Warner Bros is missing the buck here.

  7. Hey, big deal about GL. It’s not like he’s a great character or anyhing. What’s this guy’s motivation? Nothing! It’s not the who, the what, the how, or the where….It’s the why. That’s why Gl will be at the whims of anyone at WB (including janitors) and Spidey will be having threesomes with female super models

  8. i think ne1 hu dusnt like green lantern sucks i think this movie will be a great production if they just got rid of jack black. he’ll ruin green lanterns character. i think they shuld get sum1 like tom cruise he looks almost exactly like hel jordan. so just to shorten it out get rid of jack black and itll be great!

  9. Magic Green Guitar! I mean, does it get any better than that? Not to mention how hilarious it’ll be when the Green Lantern is defeated by a school bus driver and a cabbie.

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  11. fuck jack black we need a real character like denzel washington as the green lanturn

  12. Honestly anyone who doesn’t like the big GL needs to leave NOW . Because you freakin suck so does jack black, how can you ruin a classic like the green lantern with a filthy gas bag like jack black

  13. NO! No, no, no, no, and NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I’m a big Jack Black fan, but wtf?! No, the Green Lantern should not be played by someone like jack black. Furthermore, it should be a damn comedy! The Green Lantern is my Fav super hero other that Captaion America. this sucks, how can they do this!?!?! its so not fair, they’re going 2 ruin the GL name with Jack Blacks dumb ass

  14. and screw u LanceAllworth, GL is the man. he’s WAY better then superman, he has a purpose just like all the other Green Lanterns…… to protect the ENTIRE universe, not just 1 planet

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