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Last weekend Technoccult got nailed with a huge spam bomb. And while using Mt-blacklist to try to delete the spam comments, I accidently deleted the last 300 comments from this site and Klintron’s Brain. Ooops. Luckily, I didn’t rebuild the site, so all the comments were still in HTML format. Luckily I found a perl script I found on Movable Type support forums, written by anakin513 and apakuni.

Michael modified the script to work with my files, and I think everything’s in order now. I think I’ve restored all the non-spam and non-troll messages posted since the problem occured, but I’m not sure.

A lot of the category tags got dropped, the permalinks are all ruined, and I might have lost some extended entries along the way.

I plan to move to Word Press in the next week or so, so the permalinks will all change again, so don’t go updating them now. At that point I’ll fix the categories. If you come across an entry that should be an extended entry and isn’t, please leave a comment.

And again, mad props to Michael for getting that Perl script working.

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  1. embrace change. it’s eris’ way of telling us to have a good time

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