And via Christopher Penczak’s web site, a magazine that seems kinda cool:

newWitch is a magazine dedicated to, featuring, and partially written by young or beginning Witches, Wiccans, Neo-Pagans, and other earth-based, ethnic, pre-Christian, shamanic, and magical practitioners. Everyone from Traditional Wiccans to potion-makers to Asatruar to eco-Pagans can find something in these pages. The one thing we all have in common is a willingness to look at the world, our magical and spiritual paths, and ourselves in new ways. We hope to reach not only those already involved in what we cover, but the curious and completely new as well.

newWitch Magazine.

In his Pop! Magick series, Grant Morrison said: “The first person to create and launch a mass market glossy magic magazine for young women will become as rich in the first decade of 21c. as the creators of ‘Loaded’ magazine became in the last decade of 20c.”