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this metafilter post on the coming transit of venus neglects entirely the astrological implications, especially what it might mean for women

Sued Over Anti-Witchcraft Bias

A transexual Wiccan woman has decided to test out Victoria’s religious tolerance legislation and is suing the local mayor who ran a vendetta against her on local radio.

The Pagan Awareness Network is also suing, and Attorney-General Rob Hulls is on their side. Encouraging them to file their complaint, he wrote: We govern for all Victorians – and that includes witches, magicians and sorcerers. So maybe the Courier-Mail ought to have been a little bit more careful when they described Olivia Watts as a black magic woman?

Full Story: Pagan Prattle: He knows so much about these things

Research team finds ‘triggers of life’

AN idea which could turn out to be the biggest breakthrough in genetics in 50 years was announced yesterday by Brisbane and American scientists…

“Essentially what we found was several hundred DNA sequences more than 200 bases long which were exactly the same in humans, mice and rats,” Institute for Molecular Bioscience director John Mattick said yesterday…

Professor Mattick said he believed the RNA made by the sequences were master regulators, switching on or switching off genes which made the proteins comprising most bodies.

Full Story: Brainmeta: DNA instruction manual for building any mammal

*via fark of all places…)

here comes the science.

The official site of Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt Ph.D.

The purpose of this site is to supply information regarding Dr. C.S. Hyatt, his publications, philosophies, & biography, as well as provide a platform for interaction between Dr. Hyatt and people interested in communicating with him.


Most of us will live our lives without much consideration of these ideas, content to exist as semi-automatons, acting & reacting based on genetics and imprints and the accumulated experiences of our lives without ever questioning these habitual responses to our world. In spite of the brain’s ongoing updates, the perceptions and beliefs of most people will change little after about 30 years of age, barring some sudden traumatic or visionary experience which disrupts their ingrained view of things enough to allow the brain to rewire a new way of seeing the world. Yet the hardware of the brain and the software of the mind is open source. We can each become mind programmers – metaprogrammers – actively rewiring our beliefs and associations towards whatever goal we may have. This is no new revelation and there are many techniques, both modern and archaic, for breaking the mold of belief and mapping novel associations in the brain.

Future Hi: The Self as Metaprogrammer posted by Chris over at LVX23 for Future-Hi.

New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads

A very professionally constructed commercial Voodoo site:

From the Old French Market to St Louis Cathedral to Congo Square, discover the way it was among the Creoles, the Quadroons, the Planters and the Privateers, the Voodoo Queens of the past and meet the Voodoos of today!

“New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads was founded in 1991 as a vehicle for the dissemination of true and accurate information about the beliefs and practices of the Voodoo religion in New Orleans. We offer the finest products and services in the Tradition of New Orleans Voodoo.

ADHD: a Farce

Looks like some physicians are finally seeing the light on the whole ADD/ADHD excuse that runs rampant in our society:

Retired California neurologist Fred A. Baughman Jr. fired off a letter in January 2000 to U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher in response to Satcher’s Report on Mental Illness. ‘Having gone to medical school,’ Baughman wrote, ‘and studied pathology – disease, then diagnosis – you and I and all physicians know that the presence of any bona fide disease, like diabetes, cancer or epilepsy, is confirmed by an objective finding – a physical or chemical abnormality. No demonstrable physical or chemical abnormality: no disease!”

“It is this direct, no-nonsense style that has made Baughman a pariah among the psychiatric and mental-health communities and a hero to families of children across America who believe they have been ‘victimized’ by the attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) label. The ‘disease,’ Baughman tells Insight, ‘is a total 100 percent fraud,’ and he has made it his personal ‘crusade’ to bring an end to the ADHD diagnosis.

Full Story: Insight Mag

(via Invisible College).

Reality Cracking reality cracking labs

some gems:

  • Metaphysics & meta-reality-cracking: Disjoint application of beliefs and The Cosmic Pyramid Scheme: Philosophical problems with a popular omni-benevolence paradigm by -Pantheon
  • Consumer self-defense: an anti-advertisement tutorial by +Insiderbetraying
  • Supermarket enslavement techniques, by +ORC
  • I Ching

    sauceruney pointed me towards, a must-see use of flash & the I Ching.

    For I Ching information & divination, I’ve been using the deoxy pages off and on for a while now.

    Coffins w/ Panic Buttons

    A cemetery in Santiago, Chile is offering its clients coffins with a sensor that detects any movement inside them after they have been buried.”

    “According to the Camino a Canaan cemetery the sensor attached to the coffin is to avoid anyone being buried alive.

    What kind of lack of confidence in the medical system is required to motivate someone to put panic buttons in coffins?

    Full Story: Ananova Quirkies: Cemetery offers coffin with panic button

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