Return to Normalcy?

Well, it’s May 31st, which means that Klint is due back from Europe tomorrow. I’d just like to express my appreciation for him letting myself and Wes take control for the past two months. It’s been an excellent experience that has made me more blog-savvvvvvvvy (wanted to make sure I put enough v’s in there).

In addition to Klint, I’d like to thank Wes for a great deal of valuable input, and for having excellent timing when it came to posting during days when I was having blogger’s block.

I’d also like to thank my boss at my real job, for never being in the office to monitor my work productivity. Without his absence, I would have scarcely found enough time.


  1. You guys were/are great, but I’ve already told you that.

  2. Excellent work, gentlemen. We’ll be glad to have you join us in the Technoccult Retirement Home. We’re having processed beef for supper tonight and, I believe, they’ve giving us new nappies.

  3. I hope they’re the flannels with little Dobbsheads printed all over them.

  4. yup, if it weren’t for this blogging gig, who knows what I might have accomplished~!

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