Straight to Hell points out that the trailer is online, but not everyone likes K. Reeves as J.C.

(speaking of movie trailers, the one I can’t wait to see is casshern, even though I don’t understand anything they’re talking about in the trailer.)


  1. The movie itself looks good. It’s nice to seem them throw some money at a cult-comic that not many people are aware of; but an American, black-haired Constantine rather than a blonde Brit, might kill any excitement from Hellblazer fans.

    It also looks like the movie downplays his con-man characteristics.

  2. Keanu is totally miscast. The trailer is awful. It’s pretty clear that there’s a butchery of the character.

  3. Moore has asked to have his named removed from the film.

  4. because of League of Ext. Gentlemen… according to neil gaiman:

    “Oh, it’s true that Alan’s rejected the money for CONSTANTINE and assigned it to his cocreators, but he’s now done that for all films of his and things he’s done that might one day be filmed…
    His share of Constantine was redistributed among his co-creators, John Totleben, Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch and to Jamie Delano and John Ridgway.”

    what weirds me out is that K. Reeves is in both Constantine & A Scanner Darkly, both movies I’m extremely interested in seeing, if it weren’t for K. Reeves. (he was pretty good as buddha though.)

  5. I’m not anti-Keanu. I don’t see a problem with him in A Scanner Darkly. But he just can’t carry Constantine (at least one that has more than the name and mouths a few dark warnings and truths).

  6. We can suppose whomever was behind this Constantine movie read the market blurb on the back cover of one of the trades. Beyond that, I just want to know more about that cross he was carrying around.

    It might’ve been better if it was about Emperor Constantine, newly resurrected, battling occult forces with his magical CROSS-bow and piety. Laugh heartily as he tries to cope with modern culture. Be in Awe as he uses ancient Roman fighting styles to destroy malevolent devils. Cry bitterly as he recalls his lost love. Sigh contentedly as he finds new love with co-star Rachel Weisz.

    Constantine: Rome May Have Fallen But the Emperor Still Rules!

    I need an agent in Hollywood.

  7. I just got around to watching the trailor, and it looks pretty bad. Clearly it has *nothing* to do with Hellblazer. Perhaps it will be good anyway, but I’m not counting on it.

    Looking forward to seeing Reeves play a tweaker in Scanner Darkly. That is, unless the studios decide the drug aspect of the movie is too controversial and decide to leave it out =)

  8. I’m just glad that I lived long enough to see them ruin I, Robot.


    the pkd trust just released photos from the set of A Scanner Darkly along with a letter

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