ADHD: a Farce

Looks like some physicians are finally seeing the light on the whole ADD/ADHD excuse that runs rampant in our society:

Retired California neurologist Fred A. Baughman Jr. fired off a letter in January 2000 to U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher in response to Satcher’s Report on Mental Illness. ‘Having gone to medical school,’ Baughman wrote, ‘and studied pathology – disease, then diagnosis – you and I and all physicians know that the presence of any bona fide disease, like diabetes, cancer or epilepsy, is confirmed by an objective finding – a physical or chemical abnormality. No demonstrable physical or chemical abnormality: no disease!”

“It is this direct, no-nonsense style that has made Baughman a pariah among the psychiatric and mental-health communities and a hero to families of children across America who believe they have been ‘victimized’ by the attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) label. The ‘disease,’ Baughman tells Insight, ‘is a total 100 percent fraud,’ and he has made it his personal ‘crusade’ to bring an end to the ADHD diagnosis.

Full Story: Insight Mag

(via Invisible College).


  1. based on his criteria there’s no depression, schizophrenia, or most other mental disorders. he’s a quack!

  2. I have ADD – it takes up about 200 mb and its all in .pdf format.

    seriously though, the drugs I was on during my ‘let’s medicate’ phase included ritalin, & speed freaks used to hit me up so they could snort the stuff. That’s what I want my five & six year old forced to ingest by the local teachers union.

    Incidentally, the principle of concentration (the silence part of the know will dare silent equation) is something that takes years to perfect and master – the study of memory even longer. The reason kids don’t sit down and learn is because for most of them the way they learn is by running around and checking out their environment. Giving them digital environments, real world environments, and keeping them away from the real killers in the drug world (high fructose corn syrup, huffing paint thinner, etc.) and we’d all be smart as croesus – of course, that poses its own problems for the theoretical elitist power structure that may or may not exist and owns stock in phizer. *koff* incidentally, anyone know which country imports the most psychiatric drugs into the united states?

  3. I’ll try to justify my mangled phrase (“smart as croesus”) by pointing out we live in an information economy..

    (and by pfizer..
    I meant eli lilly)

    *shuffling off*

  4. I’d personally like to see more imports from Sandoz.

  5. It’s not just drugs that are imported, but what about those that aren’t imported because there is no patent on them – they’re in the public domain, like certain smart drugs.

    There are plenty of supplements and drugs (like Vitamin B17 – that are surpressed with a hatred because pharmaceutical companies can’t make billions of dollars off of them.

    I once read a report (wish I remembered where) that there are more people that make money off of cancer than people that actually have the disease.

  6. In most cases the cure for ADD and ADHD is to walk out of the public school and place your child in a good Montessori school where REAL learning is taking place! Watch and you will see your child blossom and develope a true love for learning! Learning doesn’t have to be boring drills and children should never be drugged to fit the schools style of teaching! I hope that Montessori grows and many of these drug pushing public school teachers find themselves out of a job! They are failing to do thier job when they have to resort to drugs! Smart children need to explore to learn and they need smart teachers! Get rid of these lazy teachers that can not handle this! Our schools are suffering and in denial of wide spread Teaching Impairment Disorder!

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