Sourceryforge could become thee source for esoteric knowledge on the net.. and the more people out there who use it, the more useful it will become.

There are some distinct differences between Wikipedia & Sourceryforge, but the functionality is essentially similar.


  1. has been around for a little while now (I saw it pimped on E. Airship Pirates a while back), but doesn’t seem to have taken off in a big way as yet. I quite like it so far and hope it continues to grow. Very good for mining.

  2. I’ve been by linking to pages & stubs from my various blogs, using wikis as hypertext or subtext, & you’re right Brenden, it’s brilliant for mining. Plus when you find an information gap, you can at least indicate it’s there, if not fill it yourself.

    as for pondering on possible catalysts for growth – if everyone who blogged on various occult topics linked to a few sourceryforge pages (for terminology, or references to specific runes or tarot cards, etc.) then even if they themselves don’t modify or initiate the page, their readers might.. & the neat thing about this is that you can link to pages that have yet to be created.

    Ideally, lots of people would then be using the same underlying semantic mapping system, and a collective subcultural dialogue could be established.

    (Or something. Usually when I say things like that people give me blank stares.)

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