What to do with Winksite

Well, I’ve got this site, and Technoccult, launched as Winksites. But I wanna find some other uses for Wink than syndicating existing sites.

One idea, is to create bits of fiction to be read on mobiles. In “slipstream” are suitable genres. Hmmm… a slipstream literary journal, for cell phones?

(of course, the site wouldn’t be available only to mobile, but would be created with mobiles in mind… It’s easy to use Movable Type to post to the web, RSS, and e-mail. The RSS feed can be used by Wink, and the e-mail can go to a Yahoo! group, which provides its own set of options.)

I would also like to see Wink used for more political stuff… not sure what yet, though. How widely available is WAP in 3rd world countries? Perhaps this would be a suitable environment to begin constructing a set of bookmarks for “digitally divided” countries, as Josh proposed on MW a while back.


  1. Thanks for the link Tate. There’s also espressostories.com/ which I’ve linked to here before. And of course, the man himself, Jorges Borges.

  2. Check out “Warren Ellis Portable” on the editors’ choice sites at WINKsite. He is an author, artist, etc. who is publishing “microfiction” at the site. Some pretty good stuff. I believe he is the artist who created Wolverine (if not, I apologize…)

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