Corporate magick

Zen Werewolf has a post compiling some techniques for hexing corporations (are you working on this for the Disinfo book, Zen?). Personally, I think trying to do some work with bargaining with the egregores might be more effective. They’re powerful.

Note: the original version is now gone, but here’s Wes’s updated version.


  1. heh. you might be on to what I’m into – this is research, not the project. – & yes, egregores are the way I’m going with this – but much more exploratory ritual needs to occur on my end before I’ll get around to finishing the piece I’m writing.

  2. Is this anything like the voodoun against coporations that Hakim Bey subscribed in T.A.Z.?

  3. that’s certainly one facet, but it goes deeper.. i’m trying to apprehend the role of legal entities in the coming pand?mon?on

  4. Hello,

    I am currently developing a magazine article on the phenomena of “Media Hexing.?
    It starts off with an historical basis for occult intervention in politics–I cite the Scottish witches and their claim of staving Napoleon off the British Isles. But this is really to set the stage for Hakim Bey’s ideas about Temporary Autonomous Zones.
    While much has been theorized and postulated, what I am after is not just concrete evidence of the efficacy of this form of anarchy–but also to catch a glimpse of the process in motion. I’d be nterested in your input and insights. Let me know if you are game.


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