Just the other day I was flipping through an issue of Adbusters and thinking maybe I should start reading it (I’ve looked though many issues, but never read any of the text). Maybe I shouldn’t bother:

Adbusters is rotating itself endlessly. The corporations are already one step ahead, already having appropriated the aesthetics of culture jamming and jammed billboards in particular. Appropriation of appropriation, sampling of sampling. Sometimes I think Adbusters? tactic is to increase their circulation to the limit, to the absolute global limit, then drop the purest of revolutionary propaganda in a global swoop, at the right time, the perfect time… certainly there is this romanticism lurking in the closets of this West Coast ?zine. But it will never happen: it?s already been appropriated, meaning that all is left is the anger & vicousness of a burnt-out activist, yelling at everyone & no-one, trying to find the enemy on all sides rather than realising that there is a place to begin, without hate, cynicism, anger, and what it leads to: authoritarianism