New life enhancement web zine from R.U Sirius

Neofiles is a new web zine by R.U. Sirius, sponsored by a supplement company called Life Enhancement:

The conception that human beings could radically alter their own situation the phenomenological world by understanding and using its gifts is at least as old as alchemy. Dreams that people may one day fly (done), project their voices and images over vast distances (done), go to the moon (done), and live for hundreds of years (working on it), occupied a psychological terrain on the borderline between science and magic for long centuries. By the late 20th Century it was clear that the radical expansion of possibilities was a science project.


(via Boing Boing).

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  1. It’s good to see him back online.

    I haven’t looked at the site yet. Does anyone know if Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw are involved with “Life Enhancement”?

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