Was it Marx that wrote something about how the capitalists had won because we even worked in our dreams?

Last night I dreamed that two girls from work, the primary two that I do stuff for, showed up at my apartment at 6:30 am sharp. They came in through my balcony door (I don’t have a balcony in real life). Somehow they’d managed to get a large number of Bon merchandise samples, including a desk, up to the 3rd floor balcony from a beat-up old SUV parked in the ally. They told me they needed to store them here. I was both embarressed at the state of my apartment and irritated that they’d shown up un-announced and without knocking. I protested that there was no room for the items in my apartment, that as they could see it was too cluttered alread. But they just told me to help them and not to worry, I was on the clock. I threatened to not show up Monday for Monday Reports (the most important part of my job there, in fact a rather critical function). They just laughed.