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On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 12:44 PM, eric wrote:


“there is some impressive “crackpottery” here. Amazing – and it’s all woven together: ufos, illuminatti, scalar weapons, psi weapons, antigravity, commies, yoga, pyramids, Mars, Germans under the ice.
This is prime material for my crackpot update list.”


Jack Sarfatti responded:

Indeed, but one must look at it from several POV. It has immense propaganda importance in the meme war on the Web. Many of the cargo cult crackpot physics ideas you see were believed and are believed by Joe Firmage for example and Joe is only the top of the iceberg of agents of influence. As another example, the whole neocon cabal in DC today is motivated by similar crackpot ideas from Leo Strauss and Trotsky and others. There is not a 100% overlap of course. The issue is that of elite cadres of extremist Bohemian revolutionary intellectuals with a secret doctrine of hidden wisdom seeking power and getting it!

They’re talking about Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project, by the way.

Just remember that if you’ve never read anything Dr. Sarfatti has had to say before, you’d better prepare your mind for a new scale of physical scientific values.


  1. Nonsense. There is nothing about scalar weapons in my book. I do not endorse thst Tesla nonsense. What credentials in physics does the person above have? None is my bet.

  2. I copied and pasted that (save for the hyperlinks I added) vebatim from your Destiny Matrix site back in August, Dr. Sarfatti. I believe, it being so long ago, that you were both referring to Stephen Greer’s (highly questionable) Disclosure Project at the time.

    best regards,

    Chris Joseph

  3. OK I was citing Greer not agreeing with Greer. My new book Super Cosmos 2006 on Amazon has an update on the Greer situation.

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