High burnout dims Indian call centers


Over half of all call center staff in India burn out and end up quitting due to tough working conditions, according to a study done by market research firm NFO.

Full Story: ZDnet: High burnout dims Indian call centers

(via Robot Wisdom)

I find this very interesting. I thought part of why companies went overseas with call centers was because workers there were more loyal. I wonder what the burnout rate for American call center workers is? How will this study affect company practice? Will they improve conditions, or move elsewhere?


  1. Not loyal, but cheaper. And from observing from a call centre that has just opened where I live, high turnover is built into the business plan. In crappy economic times (or poorer countries) there is always someone to replace those who had just dropped off.

  2. Yes, but these companies spend a lot of time and money training employees. Having a lower turnover would save money.

  3. Maybe, but factor in the bling bling that could saved from having a high turnover workforce:

    – low wages, since no one sticks around long enough to get a raise.

    – money saved from benefits becuz no one works long enough to earn full ones.

    This alone prob. offsets training costs.

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