I’d far rather be happy than right any day

I finished reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy today. Next I need to read Dune and I need to finish it before Burning Man.

Also, I got the Technoccult redesign done. I’ve had the design done for about a year, but exporting Grey Matter contents and getting my design turned into a Movable Type template took extra effort.

I already have another design floating around in my head. But first I have a lot of content catching up to do, and a new psychogeography journal to create. And I need to finish this site.

Oh, and I need to move out of my apartment by the end of the month.


  1. Just saw the new look for Technoccult. Don’t know what I think about it yet. The text size in the articles is a bit small, but then, my resolution is set pretty high. I bumped up the size in my browser and was fine.

    Do you know where you’re going yet? Making the move to S-town or staying in Olympia?

  2. Patrick, yeah I’m going to Seattle as soon as I’ve got a place. I’ll be in Oly ’til.

    And I despise the new look of Technoccult almost as much as I despise the old look.

    You wanna see good blog design, look at Bonnie Burton or City of Sound.

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