A Nerve writer evaluates the effects of viagra, ecstacy, cocaine, marijuana, and shrooms on his sexual performance:

Getting the drugs wasn’t a problem. I had a pretty good idea which friends and co-workers could hook me up with what. I put out the call, and during the next week, nondescript envelopes appeared in discreet areas of my desk like four visits from the drug fairy. Only Bob Dole’s little blue friend proved elusive. Online Viagra vendors were too expensive, and borrowing from someone’s prescription wasn’t an option: because my co-workers are women in the twenty-five to thirty age bracket, they aren’t exactly in the prime demographic for erectile dysfunction. I finally turned to Craigslist, an infamous online bulletin board where one can obtain “a slippery hand job, no questions asked,” from a bored stay-at-home mom as easily as one can acquire a used Thighmaster.

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