“Why limit yourself to the basic elements when you can summon a Nuclear Elemental?” (Disclaimer: Technoccult does not encourage self-mutilation)

On the night of the ritual, go to the site you chose/found for it after consuming an ipecac (something vile that will make you throw up violently, grass mixed into mustard works, also toothpaste in peppermint ice cream, fruitloops and pork mixed into strawberry Quik, raw eggs combined with chocolate and rocks etc…) holding back the biliousness that is filling your stomach. If you can’t, then take the ipecac at the ritual making sure that you will vomit at the ritual.

Start a good sized fire underneath the high tension power lines, in the steel tubing structure, let it grow in strength of a good campfire. Walk away from the fire, letting your mind be filled with the fire and only the fire. Take the razors and stick them into your flesh, letting them jut there as you bleed on yourself. Consume the ipecac now if you haven’t already. Begin to chant anything. Close your eyes and begin visualization.

Chaos Matrix: How to summon a Nuclear Elemental