One of my favorite spots in Seattle – Polygraphic, the experimental electronic night at Thee Aurafice Coffee Bar – has a write-up in the Seattle Times.

I shouldn’t be telling you about Polygraphic. Honestly. You see, to publicize this splendid weekly happening also violates one of those unspoken rules among ink-stained newspaper curmudgeons: Write about things we would be irresponsible to ignore, but keep the really great gems to yourself. I probably shouldn’t have revealed that either.

Will this ruin the scene? I doubt it, though it’s crowded already. Oh well, I rarely go anyway, it’s quite a commute to make on a Tuesday night.

Seattle Times: Beat the weeknight doldrums and just chill at Polygraphic

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Update: Thee Aurafice shut down, and Polygraphic is no more. Read the posthumous reviews on Yelp. And in 2014 There was a vigil for the long gone coffee shop.