He hasn’t updated it in a while, but it’s worth looking around the archives.

Aspect One: The status and traditional idea of the university is morphing into a new arrangement. Academics are pursuing independent solutions such as Media/Culture, Nettime and Fibreculture instead of the existing journal publishing/tenure-based structure. Research is either being bought up or bubbling out via new forms.

Aspect Two: A cadre of mystics, scholars and thinkers are exploring holonic and integralistic modes of thinking beyond the relativism exalted in the postmodern 1990s. But this isn’t simply due to the Elder Statesmen (and women) of the 1960s consciousness revolution. What’s occuring on the margins is taking quantum leaps (or “qauntum loops”) in strangeness, difficult to capture using age-cohort and social trends techniques. It’s up to a new generation to draw the line and bridge the Boomer/Gen-X/Millennial intergenerational gap.

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