New York’s On the Media radio show has a short interview with new Disinfo editor Russ Kick.

RUSS KICK: Well that’s part of it, and– actually the mainstream media does report some important things, but very often it, it’s strange –they’re buried. A good example I just noticed was the shooting at LAX where that gunman killed two people at the El Al Airlines counter.


RUSS KICK: That got a lot of coverage, but there was a story in the L.A. Times where, you know, you’re just kind of reading this story about what happened, and then all of a sudden there’s one sentence that says: witnesses said the security guard shot the man once at close range after the attacker had been disarmed and was being held on the floor.


RUSS KICK: So that would indicate that– basically he was summarily executed while he was being held down — disarmed. And it gets one sentence in the middle of the article – and that’s it. [LAUGHS] You know, and I think maybe that should have been the headline!

On the Media: Everything You Know is Wrong

Also, Disinfo co-founder and creative director Richard Metzger was recently interviewed in the NY Press.

(via Robot Wisdom)