MonthJuly 2002

Signum Press

Signum Press is a cool online zine based in the northwest and has featured writers such as R.U. Sirius and Douglas Rushkoff. They’ve covered all sorts of interesting stuff. From their Kool Keith interview:

I’m still crazy. I will still stick a screwdriver in your back if I have to. I was in the mental hospital because I’m a quick-tempered guy. It’s like with Dr. Dooom, if I didn’t write that stuff, I probably would be a mad psycho, someone who spends the rest of his life in jail. I think rap saved me, allowing me to get out a lot of my pressures on paper. At the hospital, I was getting therapy about knowing my own strength, because at the time I felt like I could just go up and punch a gorilla in the face. I actually felt like going into the Bronx Zoo at times, climbing over the cages and punching the gorilla up in the face.

Signum Press

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Nigerian: “Since I Discovered the Use of Lizard Dung, I Have Found Peace”

Getting high off lizard dung seems to be all the rage in Nigeria, and the authorities are getting worried (duh!). The best way to do it, apparently, is to “mix it with water and a blue laundry detergent.” According to a user Agence France Presse interviewed, “it produces a strong effect similar to the effect of drinking strong whisky to excess on a hot day.” Another user, who smokes it, said “I can’t find a job given my low academic qualifications. Since I discovered the use of lizard dung I have found peace because whenever I smoke it with tobacco all my worries are gone.”

Agence France Presse: Could It Possibly Be True Department — New African High?

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