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GM previews hydrogen-car

From Wired:

Even if Bush’s hydrogen-car initiative is a cynical ploy, even if the Big Three are hiding behind hydrogen promises to prolong the reign of the V-8 and oilmen secretly want to strangle the fuel cell in its cradle, simple geology is carrying us toward a post-gasoline future. Petroleum’s days are numbered. GM executives themselves understand that. Some say the oil will last 20 more years and some say 50, but nobody says forever.

Wired: GM’s Billion-Dollar Bet

Society of the Spectacle

A new translation of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle has been posted online.

The Society of the Spectacle

(via Dr. Menlo)

Yogi offers to stamp out terrorism to the tune of one billion dollars

Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said on Wednesday in a July 4 message to Americans nervous about new September 11-style attacks that he could kill world terrorism with love – but he would need $1 billion to do it.

Hell, it’s worth a try. We throw away billions of dollars on “defense” anyway.

Times of India: Maharishi Yogi: Give Me $1 Billion, I’ll Give You Peace

(via New World Disorder)

Electronic Music Discussion on Slashdot

Nice discussion of electronic music for beginners on slashdot this evening. Mostly about recommendations of artists to check out, but also some suggestions of online resources for finding them. If you dig deep enough you will find my recommendation of Sphongle. The gnomes have found a new way to say Hooray!!

Slashdot: Electronic Music 101.

More from Exquisite Corpse

The author’s angle is what makes this piece interesting. It’s written by a somewhat skeptical third party about a man who threw away his journalism career pursuing the truth about a conspiracy. Like any good evil plot should, this one involves a few major corporations as well as some minor political figures.

“I call it muckraking. That means when you smell a story you don’t just write about the smell, you follow it as far as it goes and you don’t stop until you get two handfuls of it. And you write it all down, no matter how filthy it is. That’s muckraking.”

Exquisite Corpse: The Muckraker

ZOCK, the outlaw manifesto of the centuary

“Destructive artist” Otto Muehl’s ferociously nihilistic manifesto ZOCK, originally published in 1967 and translated in the most recent Exquisite Corpse, is one of the most disturbing things I’ve read in a long time. It calls for the complete destruction of pretty much everything. However, one idea in it blew my mind: “ZOCK will eliminate the race problem in a very simple way: 1. A general ban on sexual intercourse between people with the same skin color.”

Exquisite Corpse: ZOCK: The Outlaw Manifesto of the Century

More Trippy Art

I’m not sure if Cretin is a studio or a particular artists, but he/she/them have some amazing art on their website.


(thanks Brian)

This year’s Rainbow Gathering Going Well

The folks at Rainbow had some problems with the law this year, but it’s all worked out now it seems. Drinking water is, unsurprisingly, an issue. I hope I don’t get too dehydrated at Phoenix Fest this week…


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DJ Spooky relaunches 21C

Electronic musician DJ Spooky’s been talking about relaunching the (formerly?) Australian magazine 21C for a while now, but now they’ve got a web site up with new content. It sounds exciting.

21C is that magazine: A stunningly designed showcase for idea-driven writing about visionary thinkers, trendsetters and new, new things – the people, trends and ideas at the cultural cutting edge. 21C will be inspiring and innovative as early Wired; stylish and smart as the new New Yorker; edgy as Disinformation or Juxtapoz; ferociously funny as The Onion or Suck; and arresting as the original 21C or World Art, seducing the eye with bold visuals and design that is at once radical and readable. Overall, 21C will be attractive but tough, commercial but questioning, readable but intelligent, smart yet accessible.

Update: Here’s an capture of the DJ Spooky era 21C. The site has been relaunched again, this time by Ashley Crawford, the editor of the original magazine. You can see it here.

See also: My interview with Crawford.

(via Schism Matrix)

I’m off to the Phoenix Festival

Tomorrow I’m off to the Phoenix Festival, a large Burning Man-esque festival in the Northwest. If I can find ‘net access, I’ll be blogging live from the event. I may also post some more stuff tonight or in the morning. Otherwise, I’ll resume posting next week and hopefully get the redesign launched.

Phoenix Festival

Update: My coverage of the event is here.

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