MonthJune 2002

Engineers aim to manufacture human spare parts

Engineers at the University of Singapore are researching the possibility of manufacturing human spare parts, such as “human tissue, bone, ligaments, nerves and even extra-strong fillings for decaying teeth.” Some of the parts have been successfully created in laboratory experiments and are awaiting clinical testing.

Spare Parts for Humans (PDF)

(via New World Disorder)

US Drafting Asteroid Defense Plant

The US government is calling together scientists to draft a plan to combat asteroids. I think this is a great step in the right direction for foresight.

National Geographic: U.S. Summons Experts to Draft Asteroid Defense Plan

(via New World Disorder).


JS Allen, who was once supposed to write a column for Technoccult and didn’t, has a new online magazine of his own. Looks pretty cool so far.


Old issues of High Times magazine

Yesterday I bought a few old issues of High Times at my local comic book store, and I must say that I’m impressed. The very first issue has an article on space migration that Timothy Leary wrote from prison and an article on tantric yoga… with pictures. A later issue has an article on coffee that claims that Guatemalan Antigua coffee is “almost psychedelic” and is “the DMT of coffee.” Hmm…

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