MonthJanuary 2002

Shark Born Without Father, Dies

A bonnethead shark was born in an all female tank at the Henry Doorly Zoo, but zoo officials have no idea how. The shark died within five hours of birth. Link (via Plastic).

Update: The above link is dead, but there’s some new information about this incident.

Strippers Get Magnetic Panties to Cope with Euro Coins

Strippers are complaining about customers putting Euro coins in their underwear, so club owners are giving out magnetic underwear so the coins will “remain attached to them, rather than having to be inserted.”

Ananova: Strippers get magnetic panties to cope with euro coins

(via Cybertoad).

Military to send robots into combat

Robots could be replacing human soldiers on the battlefields in the near future:

Keating said that, so far, it’s impossible to make robots completely independent of humans on the battlefield.

But the day is coming when American soldiers will fight alongside robotic comrades ? even if those robots aren’t carrying weapons, Thorpe said.

Fox News: Military Robots Prepare to March Into Battle

(via Fark)

Bat Boy in love with Jenna Bush

Campus police and the Secret Service report that Bat Boy has a thing for Jenna Bush and has made several attempts to see her at the University of Texas in Austin. Link (via Fark).

Flower Named After Nintendo Game

Nintendo has signed a deal with Syngenta Seed to have the flower formerly known as the Bacopa Cabana named “Pikmin” after a new Nintendo game:

How’s this for grassroots marketing? Nintendo of America, Redmond, WA, will team with Syngenta Seed, Wilmington, DE, to launch a new breed of flower named after its new “Pikmin” videogame, which rolls out this month.

Promo: Nintendo Plants a Brand Seed

(via Shift).

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