Check Out This Beautiful Web Comic Adaptation Of “The 3 Snake Leaves”

3 Snake Leaves comic

Full Comic: The 3 Snake Leaves by Emily Carroll

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Free Online Comic From Invisibles/Seaguy Artist Cameron Stewart

Panels from Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart is known for his work with Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin, Seaguy, Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian and a few pages of The Invisibles, amongst other things. But he also wrote and drew a serialized online comic called Sin Titulo, a surreal mystery in the vein of Haruki Murakami or David Lynch that won an Eisner award. It will be released in print later this year by Dark Horse Comics, but you can read it online now for free.

Sin Titulo

Interview with Stewart on Sin Titulo

Remembering Dwayne McDuffie, And The Lack Of Black Creators In Comics

Dwayne McDuffie was one of the most prolific black writers in comics. He passed away in February 2011.



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See also: Outrage Deferred: On The Lack Of Black Writers In The Comic Book Industry

I feel a bit complicit in this myself. I read McDuffie’s Deathlok and some of the Milestone books as a kid, but haven’t followed his work since. It’s a reminder that if we want to see more diversity in the industry, we have to do more to support the voices we already have.

Like I said, I haven’t followed his work in ages, but last year after his death I discovered McDuffie’s collection of sample pitches, plots and scripts. What an amazing resource to have left behind for future generations of writers.

How Long Should I Wait?

How Long Should I Wait by Jordan Crane

How Long Should I Wait? A web comic about loss and regret by Jordan Crane.

Web comic – everyone is weird

not funny again

Pretty good web comic.

Virus Comics: not an insult

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Sexy retro sci-fi comic

Draw says:

“Varla Dayne” is a web comic with a retro 40’s pulp sci-fi aesthetic to it, featuring art that is spot on for the golden age of comics. The plot and the dialogue are played innocent, but the characters are dressed as if they were from a John Willie comic. It comes off as perverse and innocent at the same time. Great stuff.

Varla Dayne

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