Podcast round-up

Sorry, I’ve been slacking on these…

The Viking Youth Power Hour:

Summer Blockbusters!.

Chicago Police Torture.

Greening The Man!.

R.U. Sirius Show:

Not the Prime Time Josh Wolf Interview.

Why Big War is Becoming Obsolete.

Justin from Justin.tv Brings It.

Can a Pacifist be President or Should we Just Stop Breeding?.

Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson is Evoked.

Punishment & Prison.

Keith Henson’s Space Elevator.

Animals & Guns.

From The Zodiac Killer to Cho.

Snort the Dead?.


Chaos in Theory & Practice.

Everything Is Everything.

Immortality or Oblivion?.

Save Net Radio!.

Within John Gilmore & Without Him.

A few new ones from the Viking Youth

The Vikings have done a few new podcasts that I missed, check them out:

Blarney Me Kaisers!.

The Man From Another Place: David Lynch.

Inland Empire.

Cabin Fever.

And don’t forget, the Viking Youth will be recording an episode live at esoZone. There’s less than a week left to buy early bird tickets, so hurry!

The People Inside: The Viking Youth Interview Abbie Hoffman

In true Viking style we offer you this week a scoop 40 years in the making. Field correspondant Tom LaPorte brings us a 23 minute interview he held with anarchist, guerrilla clown, and stand-up revolutionary Abbie Hoffman back in 1969 during the Chicago 7 Conspiracy Trials.

We split the interview into 5 pieces, give listen and then comment upon each section. Topics range from the binding of Bobby Seale, the trial of the press, the meaninglessness of reform, and the future of judicial law in America.

Almost 40 years after the interview, Hoffman’s words still buzz with relevance and hum with an electrical current vital to today’s political climate.

Who will be the conduit for these words tomorrow?

Download it from the Viking Youth.

Viking Youth Power Hour: Every Man and Woman is a Star

Mat schools us on circus lingo and the virtues of the Farmer’s Almanac as we further dissect the implications of an increasingly intrusive government and corporate run culture.
Hey kids! Did you know that the top three TeleCom companies are in the process of using their power and money to turn the internet into a tiered system where information will be graded by them and shows like this will become near impossible to find? You can thank that mongoloid Michael Powell for helping to put this into motion back in his short and destructive stint as the head of the FCC, but it’s the heads of Verizon and his cronies who are trying to make sure that their hold on power remains tight.
But there are heroes in this battle and they demand your support: Freepress.com, the Media Access Project, Common Cause and Senator Widen, among others, are working diligently to lobby and pass laws protecting the neutrality of the internet and to expose ‘astro turf’ organizations which these giant corporations are setting up to make it look like the American people actually want this horse shit ruining their country and their lives. These organizations need your support please consider donating to them if you are able.
We also discuss RFID tags how they’ll be used to track your purchases, how they’ll be used to revolutionize the retail industry, whose fighting against their use, and how clubs in Barcelona are using them to fast forward fashion.
So much strangeness and so much hope, it makes you wonder how the panopticon will change our socieites taboos and their priorities in the future…

MP3 on Viking Youth Power Hour.

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