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Interview with Antero Alli

Nice long interview in Key 64:

MG: Both Leary and Wilson felt that the bottom circuits imprinted at acute, random moments in early childhood and adolescence, but I do not see the biological basis for such small windows of imprinting. Certainly birth is the primary C1 imprinting process and a universal human event, but I suspect it only accounts for roughly 30 to 80% of the C1 imprint depending on the individual and the circumstances of birth. It seems that C1 imprinting starts in the womb and continues well into the first several months of life. I suspect that C4 imprinting occurs over a period as long as several years and I find it hard to agree with Wilson’s assertion that the entire C4 imprint is taken on at the moment of first orgasm. How do you feel about these early childhood imprints?

AA: My experiences parallel Wilson’s and Leary’s here regarding the early childhood imprints of the first four circuits. Once imprinted, however, there are years and decades of affirmative conditioning that fortify and maintain those imprints, habits that can run throughout the rest of our lives and can run or rule the rest of our lives. Though C-1 imprinting does start with the infant dependency event with the mother, or surrogate mother, I think circuits two through four (especially C-4) can remain “un-imprinted” for years to come differing, of course, with each person and their circumstances.

As for the entire circuit four imprint occurring with the first orgasm, this sounds ridiculous to me. If only it were that simple and easy yet circuit four has proven to be anything but easy and simple. It’s not just me; look at the world, look at our human history of warfare, genocide and social tragedy. Other equally complex imprints such as religious upbringing, courtship rituals, woman and manhood rites of passage, pregnancy, and parenting also inhabit the web of fourth circuit realities.

Full Story: Key 64.

Don’t forget: Antero Alli will be doing a presentation on the 8 circuit model at Esozone: the Other Tomorrow this October in Portland. Buy your pre-sale ticket now for only $40 (prices go up Sunday night at midnight).

Cyberpunk Documentary from 1993

I’ve only watched the first 20 minutes. So far they’ve talked to Timothy Leary, William Gibson, and Mondo 2000’s Michael Synergy.

Timothy Leary, the Internet and Libertarianism

At the 1977 Libertarian Party Convention, mind-expansion advocate and LSD guru Timothy Leary gave a speech that few of us took very seriously. He spoke of something called the Internet, a network that would connect computers worldwide, allowing participants from around the globe to sign on and retrieve text, photographs, audio and video instantaneously, and to communicate in realtime with anyone in the whole world who also had a computer and a connection. He said that it would be the new revolution against the current social order and stifling status quo. He predicted it would be much, much bigger than drugs in its ability to overthrow the establishment. Whereas tuning in, turning on and dropping out had been of great interest to a somewhat narrow subset of the population, everyone would be able to use the Internet, in his own way, and thus the new revolution against the old order would transcend class, age, nationality and all other demographics. The bourgeois would have just as much interest and use for it as the so-called counterculture. And nothing would ever again be the same.

As I said, no one at the time really believed it.

lewrockwell.com: The Internet vs. the State

(via Reason)

Podcast round-up

The G-Spot Episode #15: The Eight Circuits

(I missed posting several episodes, check ’em out).

The Viking Youth Power Hour: Time Traveling.


Plus Ultra Podcast Episode: Interview with Jan Lamprecht.

(Yeah, I missed a few of these as well).

10ZM.TV: Rodney Brooks Builds Robots.

(Never linked to this one before, archives here).

All’s quiet at The R.U. Sirius Show and NeoFiles.

What else should I be including here?

The Yellow Sign: Timothy Leary?s Neurocomics & Promethea by Alan Moore

timothy leary's neurocomics

Wes Unruh explores Timothy Leary’s Neurocomics (torrent here) and Alan Moore’s Promethea (torrent here):

As I was reading this work, I was struck by how similar the work is to that of Alan Moore, specifically Promethea. Not simply the psychedelic nature of the work, but the way in which both of these works were about the underlying philosophical and metaphysical beliefs of the authors, and both presented in the most holistic way possible. They’re more like modern alchemical texts, grimoires for the psychonaut, without the layers of metaphor that Mike Carey might throw in or the allegories Chris Claremont developed to spread occultic ideas through more mainstream comics. (Granted, Grant Morrison does this in his own way as well, but not everyone is fully armed to read The Filth and his politics have raised more than a few eyebrows… )

Full Story: Alterati.

Second Attention: Lectures on Consciousness Expansion

Audio of lectures by the likes of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Alex Grey. Plus a couple of videos.

Second Attention Media Archive

(via Reality Carnival)

Mavricks of the Mind interviews

Collection of interviews with Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, John Lily, Alex Grey and many more.

Mavericks of the Mind

(via LVX23).

Also of note: New York Times article on Alexander Shulgin.

Entheogen radio show

Trip Receptacle was “a series of three 3-hour shows consisting of all-psychedelic, all-entheogen radio.” It includes interviews and talks by Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Sasha Shugin, etc.

High-Tech Paganism with Your Host Tim Leary!

This is an old article from R.U. Sirius’s pre-Mondo 2000 magazine Reality Hackers. I was gonna OCR scan it and put it online, but it turns out someone already did.

Since God #1 appears to be held hostage back there by the blood-thirsty Persian Ayatollah, by the telegenic Polish Pope and the Moral Majority, there’s only one logical alternative. You “steer” your own course. You start your own religion. The Temple is your body. Your mind writes the theology. And the Holy Spirit emanates from that infinitely mysterious intersection between your brain and your DNA.

Load and Run High-tech Paganism-Digital Polytheism
by Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen

(via Anders Transhuman Page).

Update: this has also been re-published by R.U.’s latest publication, H+, but without the opening quotes from Crowley and Gibson.

See also: Cyberculture History: The High-Tech Pagan Origins of the .to Domain Names

Old issues of High Times magazine

Yesterday I bought a few old issues of High Times at my local comic book store, and I must say that I’m impressed. The very first issue has an article on space migration that Timothy Leary wrote from prison and an article on tantric yoga… with pictures. A later issue has an article on coffee that claims that Guatemalan Antigua coffee is “almost psychedelic” and is “the DMT of coffee.” Hmm…

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