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Antero Alli Teaching Online Eight Circuit Brain Course

Antero Alli is teaching an online course on the Eight Circuit Brain concept pioneered by Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and of course Antero himself.

The course is eight weeks long and is based on the course structure outlined in his book The Eight Circuit Brain, which is required for the online class. The online course is enhanced by daily and weekly online group forum, private feedback from Antero and additional assignments.

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An 8-Week Interactive Online Course with author, Antero Alli (Angel Tech, The Eight-Circuit Brain and Towards an Archeology of the Soul)

Eight Circuit Brain

Requirements, How This Course Works and Enrollment


1) The Eight Circuit Brain, the book, is required for this course. Angel Tech, is an optional source book.

2) 6-10 hours set aside each week for reading and work assignments.

How This Works

The 8-week course structure is already contained in the book The Eight-Circuit Brain. This course is enhanced by daily and weekly online group forum interactions, ongoing private instructor feedback via e-mail, and additional instructor assignments. There are no set meeting times for this course; everyone goes at their own pace. Though each Saturday we start the next week’s assignments, all previous assignments and forum posts remain open to read and/or to post on them. Course structure includes extra time (the final two weeks) to finish incompleted work. Click this for distilled definitions of the eight circuits as they will be addressed in this course.

This 8-week course is the result of a comprehensive study and practice of dynamic techniques for accessing the states of consciousness symbolized by the Eight-Circuit model. This course has been tested and refined over the past five years throughout six different semesters and over two-hundred students. All eight circuits are covered, their specific internal vertical supports and, initiations into and out of Chapel Perilous.

Once understood and redefined in your own terms, the circuits can act as an open-ended system for precision tracking and interpretation of living signals within yourself, the world and beyond. The 8-circuit grid can be especially useful for those seeking context and integration of hyper-consciousness triggered by psychoactive drug use and/or the outside shocks of real-life traumas. If you are motivated to take on more responsibility for your own choices, your autonomy, and your integrity then, this course may be for you.


Course Tuition: $200 (for 8 weeks)


Money orders (U.S. funds only) payable to “Vertical Pool”, and mailed to:
VERTICAL POOL, att: Antero Alli, P.O. Box 10144, Berkeley CA USA 94709.

When payment is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent out within 48 hours. Passwords and link to the online forum will be sent out by or before March 14th. Tuition non-refundable after March 17th. Enrollment limited to 20. NOTE: As of February 19th, there are 10 spaces still available.

E-mail all inquiries to:

Here’s my Technoccult TV interview with Antero:

And here’s part of Antero’s presentation at EsoZone 2008:

RIP Brian Barritt, Leary’s Collaborator on the 8 Circuit Model

Brian Barritt

The writer Brian Barritt was a lusty, Pan-like figure who sat at the heart of the counter-culture for over 50 years. A friend and collaborator to such notables as Timothy Leary, William Burroughs, Alex Trocchi and Youth of Killing Joke, he was particularly active in the Beatnik, psychedelic, Krautrock and rave scenes.

Brian Sydney Barritt was born in Coventry in 1934, and his early childhood shaped by the Blitz. Part of the roof of his home was lost during a bombing raid, while his school was destroyed, interrupting his early education.

His education ended when he left Broadheath School in Foleshill, Coventry at 15. He worked briefly at the local Jaguar factory, where he upholstered seats on the Jaguar XK120s, before he joined the Merchant Navy. His late teenage years, spent in ports and brothels from Japan to the Cape of Good Hope, included a little gun-running and the start of his life-long love of opium; these years, he later claimed, were his real education.

The Independent: Brian Barritt: Counter-culture writer who collaborated with Timothy Leary

(via The Daily Grail)

Cyberculture History: The High-Tech Pagan Origins of the .to Domain Names

Here’s a fun discovery: the founder of the company that commercialized the .to top level domain name is none other than Eric Gullichsen, co-author with Timothy Leary of Load and Run High-tech Paganism-Digital Polytheism. Here’s an article on Gullichsen from Time Magazine in 1999:

The two Erics decided the best way to beat the com system (and make some easy money in the process) was to circumvent it. There’s nothing magical about the letters com they reasoned; why not just use, say, .to for Tonga?
So in 1997, with the Crown Prince’s permission, Gullichsen and Lyons started Tonic Corp. and began selling Tonga domain names on a first-come, first-served basis. Bummed that the cool website name you thought of is already taken? Visit www.tonic.to with a valid credit card, and they’ll sell you the same name in the .to domain. Price: $100 for the first two years. You can still host your site from your PC in Topeka, Kans.; the name will just be registered by a company based on an island you probably can’t find on a map.

Time: He’s the Master Of His Domain Name

What did Gullichsen decide to do with his earnings?

And with the cash these virtual companies siphon out of the old world order, Gullichsen plans to build a new one. The crown prince has given him the run of a tiny Tongan outrider island, which Gullichsen hopes to turn into a prototype sustainable environment. “I’m setting up an ecologically closed community,” he says. “I’ll have a wind generator, solar panels, a geodesic dome and hydroponics. I want to live off the grid but still be online–be connected to the global fabric but from a venue that is free from regulation and in harmony with the environment.”

I wonder what ever happened to him.

For more on the intersection between occulture and the high-tech world, check out Erik Davis’s classic article or his book Techgnosis.

Dossiers: Timothy Leary, Dennis and Terrence McKenna, and Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson

Timothy Leary

Dennis McKenna

Terrence McKenna

hakim bey peter lamborn wilson

The latest batch of dossiers is here!

Timothy Leary

The brothers McKenna

Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson

Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary was a psychologist, writer, and lecturer best known for his promotion of LSD in the 60s. Richard Nixon called him “The most dangerous man in America.” However, by his death in 1996 he was a more active proponent of cyberspace and virtual reality than of psychedelics.

In 1969 Leary ran for governor of California against Ronald Reagan and John Lennon wrote the song “Come Together” as a campaign song for him. In 1970 Leary was sentenced to 20 years in prison for possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana. While in prison he was subjected to several psychological tests, including some he designed himself. He was able to get himself transferred to low security prison and escaped later that year. He was smuggled by the Weather Underground to Algeria.

He was eventually arrested and extradited in Switzerland in 1972. He remained in prison until 1976, during which time he feigned cooperation with the FBI during their investigation of the Weather Underground.

During his prison and post-prison years Leary’s interest in futurism blossomed and he became more concerned with space migration, intelligence increase, and life extension. He coined the acronym SMI²LE for his agenda. He also developed the 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness while in prison. In the 90s he was an occasional contributor to the early cyberculture magazine Mondo 2000 and co-authored the book Design for Dying with the magazine’s editor R.U. Sirius.

Official Sites


Unofficial Sites

Wikipedia entry

Deoxy Timothy Leary site

Erowid Timothy Leary Vault


Above: BBC Documentary on Leary Timothy Leary – The man who turned on America

Writings by Leary

Digital Polytheism by Leary and Eric Gullichsen, from the proto-Mondo 2000 magazine Reality Hackers

Platform from Timothy Leary’s campaign for governor of California


Second Attention: lectures on consciousness expansion Audio of lectures by the likes of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and Alex Grey. Plus a couple of videos.


Cyberpunk documentary from 1991 includes interviews with Leary.

Tim Leary In Folsom Prison (Video interview) 1978

Mavricks of the Mind interviews Collection of interview with Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, John Lily, Alex Grey and many more.

Writings/interviews on Leary

Interview with editor of new Timothy Leary book

Timothy Leary, the Internet, and libertarianism essay at lewrockwell.com

R.U. Sirius Show interview with Tim Leary’s biographer Robert Greenfield.

Viking Youth interview R.U. Sirius and discuss his friendship with Leary

Timothy Leary: Is The Party Over? by R.U. Sirius


A promotion video spot for William Gibson’s book Neuromancer, with commentary by William Gibson and Timothy Leary from the early 90s

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Tim Leary in Folsom Prison (Video Interview)

Tim Leary In Folsom Prison

(Thanks Chris)

Excerpt from Antero Alli’s new book The Eight-Circuit Brain: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body

You can check out an excerpt from Antero’s new book, The Eight-Circuit Brain: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body at Reality Sandwhich:

Antero Alli: Eight-Circuit Brain excerpt

You can buy a DVD of Antero Alli’s talk from Esozone: The Other Tomorrow from Original Falcon:

The 8-Circuit Brain DVD

(note: this is not an official Esozone product, and Esozone does not benefit financially from sales of this product).

Interview with Editor of New Timothy Leary Book

timothy leary

Even when he was living in a teepee at the height of the hippie movement, he never cancelled his subscription to Scientific American. And even though he started using all those eastern Hindu metaphors that became so popular then, he was also seeing it all in terms of genetics and DNA, very early on. It was not that long after the discovery of DNA – less than a decade — and this really impacted on his vision of psychedelic experiences from the start in 1960. You can pretty much find him intuiting evolutionary psychology even in his earlier writings. He went on evolutionary trips, experiencing the emergence of life and its evolution toward humanity. He assumed everybody would have that trip, which is one place where he went a bit astray. […]

The other thing you may be referring to is the conversation at the end of the book that Leary had with a hardball Swiss political operative with various intelligence connections while he was in exile from the U.S. government in Switzerland. The entry is almost painful in its sophistication and leaves the book on a solemn note — we are still all prisoners of men who lust for power, from Leary’s point of view.

Full Story: 10 Zen Monkeys

New Timothy Leary book from re/search publications

leary on drugs

New Leary book with an introduction by R.U. Sirius:

Psychedelic guru, Timothy Leary was a psychologist who experimented, wrote and lectured about his investigations of mind-expanding drugs. Here is a collection of just some of his effusive output, much of it written as it happened.

Follow Leary as he drops acid at a prison with inmates, raises his children while the adults are “swimming on a sea of jewels,” becomes incarcerated, escapes prison, and generally expounds upon the politics of mind-altering substances before and after they become “controlled substances” in the U.S.A.

This is an authorized collection of Leary’s writings and lectures, and includes a dozen photos from the Timothy Leary Archive. Drawings by Jared Power.

Leary on Drugs at re/search publications

Antero Alli interview, plus: don’t forget Invisible Forest showings

This series of conversations is on the topic called the 8 Circuit Brain model. It is something that Timothy Leary first brought into the western consciousness, and later Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising gave it a more wide spread appeal. It was further developed by Antero in his book ‘Angel Tech’

This conversation covers the following topics:

History and introduction to the 8-circuit brain model
Absorb, Integrate, Transmit: Intelligence Increase
Embracing humility, flaws & paradox on the human journey
Circuit 1: Bio-Survival intelligence
Circuit 2: Emotional-Territorial intelligence
Direct experience
Meeting the needs of the second circuit

Listen to or download interview

(via Dedroidify)

To learn more about the 8 circuit model from Antero himself, be at Esozone

And don’t forget, you can see Antero’s new film Invisible Forest:

Thursday June 5, 9pm: DIVA Center, Eugene OR $5.
Friday June 6, 9:30pm: Hollywood Theatre, Portland OR $6.50
Sunday June 15, 2pm: NW Film Forum, Seattle WA. $8.
Wed. June 18, 8:30pm: Pickford Cinema, Bellingham WA $7.50
Friday June 27, 7pm: Shiny Object, West Sacramento. $5.

Here’s Erik Davis’s review of Invisible Forest:

Like a lot of heads, I first encountered the Finish wizard Antero Alli through his playful, prophetic, and handy books. If you are looking for a real-deal reality programming manual with just the right amount of Discordian spice, you can hardly do better than his classic debut, AngelTech. […] I’ve seen most of Alli’s movies, and they keep getting better. The Invisible Forest, Alli’s latest, is the strongest yet,

Full Story: Techngnosis

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