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Idea: geographic directory of Technoccult readers

So I was pretty relieved that you all aren’t clamoring for a Technoccult message board, since I don’t really want to moderate one.

But here’s another idea: a basic directory of readers organized by geographic location. It would have only the barest of profiles: name or handle, location, optional couchsurfing.com profile link, and space to add one or two more links (to Twitter or a blog or Facebook or whatever you want). Also an optional e-mail form, so that you can be contacted through the directory w/o displaying your e-mail address.

I don’t know of any off the shelf solution for this so it would have to be built from scratch. It should be simple but I wouldn’t want to get started on an undertaking like this if there’s not interest.

What do you think?

Nine years of Technoccult. What would you like to see next?

Just realized it’s the 9 year anniversary of this site. Crazy.

What would you like to see more of at Technoccult? What would you like to see less of?

Would you like to see more community features? Message board? Twitter clone? Social networking? Online dating? Should Hexx (our Digg clone) be resurrected?

Thanks for reading everyone. It’s been a long, strange trip and it’s far from over yet.

Welcoming Bill Whitcomb to Technoccult

bill whitcomb

I’d like to welcome Bill Whitcomb to the Technoccult faculty. Bill’s the author of The Magician’s Reflection and The Magician’s Companion, a prolific link disseminator and Technoccult commenter, and a good friend. I’m pleased to have him here.

Here’s the Technoccult TV interview I did with him

Bill’s profile on esozone.com

OpenID now enabled for comments

I’ve installed OpenID for commenting here. Let me know if you have any problems with it (klint at klintron dot com).

Hexx down again, maybe for good

Since the new version of Hexx never took off for anything other than spamming, I’ve taken it offline. I might try setting it up again on another platform, less vulnerable to spamming (Pligg is notorious for being spammed), but I might not bother. Seems like Digg-clones are so yesterday.

TiamatsVisions’s LiveJournal

Thought I call attention to the fact that TiamatsVision has started an LJ.

Subscribe to Technoccult by e-mail, or follow us on Twitter

The e-mail subscription feature has been around for a long time, but somewhere a long the line the subscription form disappeared from the site. Fill out the form in the side column, or click here.

I also just setup a TwitterFeed which you can follow here.

You can also follow me on Twitter here

Oh, we still have a Myspace here where we post occasional bulletins.

Sorry about the podcast spamming

Hey everyone, sorry about the podcast spamming that’s been occuring today. I’m in the process of implementing a system to automate the posting of certain podcasts to this site (in lieu of the old “Podcast Round-Up” feature), but it ending up dumping a TON of posts into the system. Sorry about that.

Hexx returns!

Hexx, Technoccult’s own Digg-clone, is back at last! Hexx was originally powered by PHPdug and mysteriously stopped working. My plea for help at the PHPdug support forum went completely un-answered, so Hexx sat disuse for several months. Now it’s back and powered by Pligg.

Welcome Justin Boland, latest Technoccult guest editor

That last post was from our latest guest editor Justin Boland (aka Humpasaur Jones) of Skilluminati and Brainsturbator.

Since he, very sadly, isn’t able to make it to Esozone this year, he’s gonna be blogging here for the next couple weeks while I’m busy with the final preparations for Esozone, and the event itself.

(there should be a couple more Technoccult TV episodes being released before Esozone, though… stay tuned!)

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