Chimpanzees ‘hunt using spears’

Chimpanzees in Senegal have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates, according to a study in the journal Current Biology.

Researchers documented 22 cases of chimps fashioning tools to jab at smaller primates sheltering in cavities of hollow branches or tree trunks.

Full Story: BBC.

(Thanks Ulysses Lazarus).

Who’s side will they be on in the Human-Elephant Conflict?

Soccer coach arerested for black magic

A soccer coach from Cameroon was knocked down and dragged across a running track by police for weilding what was speculated to be a black magic charm. He was suspended from coaching for one match, but won an appeal to sit in on the African Nations Cup final against Senegal.

Link 1, Link 2

(via New World Disorder)

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