And while there are some potential similarities between the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascos, there are a few interesting differences and developments, mainly focusing on the internet as a tool for mobilization and action. These tools have no ideology, what works for the netroots, the grassroots and the astroturfers also works for armed fringe Christians. Using blogs, message boards, internet radio, mass emails and such, the rallying cry for supporters to converge at the bunker house are getting louder and louder and I’m hard pressed to find a shortwave patriot station at the moment that isn’t calling for people to go to New Hampshire and support and protect the Browns. I don’t think this type of grassroots protests accompanied at siege at Waco, although I may be wrong, it’s been awhile. Also while the Ruby Ridge and Waco confrontations appear to mainly provoked by overzealous government agents, this incident seems to be a curious reversal, as it is the feds have claimed that there will be no raid and have ‘no wish to have a violent encounter with either one of them,’ although the military equipment and soldiers amassing seems to make that claim suspect. Generally it has been the Brown supporters who have been most vocal for a confrontation.

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