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Occult Priestcraft

The first place I ever saw the phrase Occult Priestcraft was in Liber Null and Psychonaut, by Peter Carroll. Since all anyone seems to remember of Carroll is pieces of Liber MMM and a misunderstanding of his opposition to mysticism, and considering the recent debates here and the general clamoring for something new I thought now would be an especially auspicious to visit this portion of Carrolls work. Hopefully this will give people a wider and more accurate view of the chaos current, as well as provide some food for thought in relation to role of communities like key23.

Full Story: Key 23.

Update: The second part is here.

Large collection of chaos magic rituals

Here’s a big archive of techniques to cause change in conformity with will. Neatly organized into the categories Peter Carroll defined in Liber KKK.


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