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Consciousness time travel: Paul Laffoley, the Invisibles, and the Voudon Gnostic Workbook

“paul laffoley The Time Machine : GEOCHRONMECHANE : From The Earth

Apparently, the way time travel works on Lost is movement of consciousness through time and space to experience “retrocognition of the past and occasions of precognition of the future.” The breathtaking occult art of Paul Laffoley has dealt with this subject for years, most notably in his painting The Time Machine : GEOCHRONMECHANE : From The Earth – the plans to build a working time machine. More info can be found on Paul Laffoley here. He can also be heard explaining his time travel plans in his lecture at Esozone 2007.

I’m also reminded of the occult action comic The Invisibles, which I reviewed here. Characters in the Invisibles use a consciousness projection technique to travel through space and time. The source for the time travel techniques of the Invisibles is the book The Voudon Gnostic Workbook, a collection of materials Michael Bertiaux used to instruct his cult in Chicago.

However, Michael Szul of Key 64 points out that the Invisibles can travel to places in time that they haven’t been and don’t need a “host body.” He suggests that the time travel in this episode is more reminiscent of Slaughterhouse Five. Lostpedia has this to say on the subject:

Desmond, during one of his flashbacks/time travels, speaks to someone else in the military with him. His friend’s name is Billy. Billy Pilgrim is the main character in Slaughterhouse Five. The narration of the story of Billy Pilgrim begins: “Listen. Billy Pilgrim has become unstuck in time.” When Desmond is with Daniel in 1996 and Daniel is about to experiment on Eloise, he says that he is going to unstick her in time. Also, the narrator of Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut, says that he likes to call old girlfriends late at night. Desmond calls Penelope at night. When Desmond spoke with Mrs. Hawking, she said that events are structured and that the universe will course correct. In Slaughterhouse Five, Billy Pilgrim explains that , according to the Tralfamadorians, aliens who can see the fourth dimension, time is structured and events cannot be changed (we are like bugs in amber). When asked about the end of the universe, the Tralfamadorians explain that one of their test pilots presses a button that destroys the universe. Billy asks why they cannot stop the pilot from pressing the button, and they reply that the pilot always has and always will press the button. The moment is structured that way. Desmond’s purpose, according to Mrs. Hawking, is to turn the key and he cannot avoid it. The moment is structured that way. Billy Pilgrim sees the future, and even predicts his own death. Desmond predicted Charlie’s death and other events on the island.

The Esoteric Science of Voudotronics

A lecture on Voudoun Gnostic Workbook.

“I dont understand a thing”, this is just mumbo jumbo”, ” This must be sinister and evil”, “this is pure scizofrenia and insanity”. Well, these are a few of the remarks upon the system of La Couleuvre Noire after people have read Michael Bertiaux volumious “Vouden Gnostic Workbook”. And I agree, the teaching is not easy to interpret and understand – by reading alone. There are two concepts that is crucial for the right benefit of the system of thought within LCN. One is that you have to do it, theoria is not enough – praxis is the natural way of treating the teoretical foundation – as in any other system. Most of the undechiffered and cryptick meanings will vanish when starting to work from the beginning of the book. The other point is that the vouden family presiding over this special societe has to accept you as a member of their family. I speak about acceptance from a family of Loas, the divine entites encountered in Haitian Voudoo and the Voodoo of New Orleans called Ghuede. Without the acceptance and also guidance from this personal family the magick you perform is likely to be impotent considering the aims of LCN-workings.

Full lecture at geocities.com.


Having bought a copy of The Age of Spiritual Machines, by the genius Ray Kurzweil, after hearing about how Our Lady Peace essentially crafted their entire album, Spiritual Machines, around the concepts presented by Kurzweil? I feel I should probably read it sometime. But having it in my possession, along with years of Star Trek and watching The Animatrix, has inspired me to think muchly on the grand notion of intelligence and consciousness.

I am fairly certain that if androids were possible as of today, they would be very good at patrolling red and blue bases, and occasionally storming my home base just slightly before I can get my army up to tier-two weapons and tech? not to mention thieving magical power-ups from my garden. Judging by the videos I’ve seen of ASIMO, Honda’s robot, I would have more of a chance and I would feel safe with a baseball bat and perhaps a vat of cola to drop them into so I could watch them slowly be eaten away.

For the sake of sentiment, I did, in fact, cry in the movie A.I. when the poor robots were being destroyed at the Flesh Fare.

Anyhow, this whole MIT-tackles-semiotics thing is frighteningly out of my league. They are like ninja-smart, whereas I am only S-M-R-T smart. Delving into the intuitive understandings of language, Hugo Liu has been exploring stuff that I will post here in his own words? out of fear that I will reduce it to the dribbling ramblings of a retarded guinea pig:

The Aesthetiscope is an interactive art installation whose wall of color reacts to portray the relationship between some idea (a word, a poem, a song) and a person (a realist, a dreamer, a neurotic) standing before it. Each idea, for example the word sunset, is rich in association for a person. Perhaps he remembers in his mind what a sunset looks like. Or a sunset mades him think of other ideas like warmth, fuzzy, beautiful, serenity, relaxation. Perhaps it reminds him of some past event in his life. The contextual sphere of these personal associations form the Aesthetic about the idea. And the experience of that aesthetic is called its pathos. I wanted to choose a medium through which pathos could be convincingly portrayed, and so I chose colors because they are a complete microconsciousness of pathos, like taste and smell.

The Aesthetic is hard to articulate because it is usually experienced it as an undeconstructed gestalt. Any analysis of Aesthetic needs to be sensitive to its complexity — the multi-dimensional nature of connotation. The aesthetiscope analyzes each idea through a multi-perspectival linguistic analysis of connotation. The realms of analysis are “Think,” “Culturalize,” “See,” “Intuit,” and “Feel.” Each of these realms brings to bear a different perspectival vocabulary to the pathos description of an idea. “Think” generates rational connotations and entailments of the idea. “Culturalize” looks at the cultural entailments of the idea through the lens of a particular culture. “See” takes the idea as a source of imagery, bringing to bear our collective visual memory of objects, places, and events. “Intuit” is an exercise in automatic free assocations with the idea as a cue. “Feel” takes a sentimental stance toward the idea, connecting it to a word of feelings. The results of these analyses are mapped to a world of colors through psycho-physiocological color surveys based on the work of Berlin & Kay, and Goethe, and naturalistic sampling of colors from photos.

With these different vocabularies of aesthetic, we can try to make sense of a “sunset.” A sunset may be “Seen,” revealing the dark purple swatches with splashes of warm hues that characterize the visual rememberance of a sunset. But there is also an inner sunset. A sunset “Felt” and “Intuited” recalls warmth, beauty, and serenity, and these will bring about brighter, warmer, and more intense colors than the outer sunset.

The aesthetiscope encourages us to experience and reflect on Aesthetic in a new way.

The shizzle is here-izzle, via mit.edu

This is interesting in that it really begins to explore the interpretation of the manifest realm on an abstract level (read MIT’s PDF here). We all believed in Data, but we all somehow secretly doubted that the “emotion chip” that he obtained from his evil twin, Lore, was genuine. But Hugo Liu’s work today may be the precursor to developments that Dr Noonien Soong draw from, in the future, to develop such reactions that would be illogical but founded in the intuitive and sensationalistic interaction with the manifest world. It is a little cold to note, however, that he still managed to bang Tasha Yar in 2364. Sex without this pathos is simply just getting sticky and sweaty? or whatever in Data and Yar’s case.

EDIT ? I was thinking about creating sigils without the normal chaos magic way. For those of you not familiar with sigils, read something like this. For those of you I don’t have to explain it to, any thoughts on crafting such mechanisms (if they can be called such?) out of more abstract elements such as colours, shapes, notions, elements? This is beginning to ring true with the whole stereotype of witches and “voodoo” where they throw weird crap in a cauldron and make spells and shit. I hit on it more here where I try to blab about technical/design approaches to the occult. Any comments or ideas? Drop ’em here.

I remember hearing about some peculiar astral mechanics that Michael Bertiaux and his Cult of the Black Snake (whatever they’re called), where they’d engineer elements out of geometrics and colours and varying astral vibrations. Like Lego, they’d build smaller units and store them in the astral, then proceed to assemble them into larger machinations/patterns. I believe they were four-dimensional geometrices, which will only make sense to those of us that work with sidereal movement and crap.

DEVESTATINGLY Effective Spells!

I was just reading over that propaganda comic that Benway was kind enough to post, it gave us a good laugh at work here. I don’t know which is funnier, leftist or rightist stuff. Actually no? I do, rightist propaganda is always a bit more funny cuz they have such a peculiar grasp of humour. At least hippies are light-hearted. It’s like putting Julius Evola on-stage with Robert Anton Wilson and asking them to do a joke-off. Perhaps, say, at the Just for Laughs festival in Montr?al.

Anyhow, speaking of funny, as I was perusing this fine site I came across this ad by Gooooogle or whutever it’s called:?

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I don’t know about you guys, but I need devestatingly potent spells to lay havoc and ruin to my enemies. Saskatchewan is to the east of us and I believe they have a eugenics programme underway. See, every girl I’ve met that has moved here (Alberta) from there (Saskatchewan) has been very, very attractive. Not in that Prairie punk sort of subcultural way I’ve been accustomed to here out west, but in a sort of suburban girl-next-door sort of way.

Interestingly, the Alberta Eugenics Board maintained the excellent standard of life we’ve come to expect in this province through the Alberta Sterilization Act, passed in 1928 along with another province and 28 states down yonder.

(Almost 3,000 people were sterilized under Alberta’s Sterilization Act. Many more were not released because they would not consent to sterilization. Even in 1972, the year the Act was finally repealed, 55 people were sterilized for their “danger of transmission to the progeny of mental deficiency” and for being “incapable of intelligent parenthood.”)

What I think Saskatchewan has implemented is a hawtness gene. While Americans fight obesity and clone dinosaurs, them quiet socialists next door have gone on to do what we’ve all been hoping for but no one has had the scientific “need” to do: fight ugliness.

Goths Silly goth

The world needs more attractive people. Even if you are a little obese, you can still be hot. I mean, there is a girl here at work who may be a few kilos overweight, but she’s cute.

As for the ad by Gooooogle, perhaps we need to implement some sort of post-natal beatings unto those that are propagating the ridiculous image of such spiritual matters. I know the occult doesn’t like to associate with the Wiccans, but they keep sticking their fingers in our cookie jar.

Perhaps some PR eugenics, some disassociation from the New Agers and the goths. Hmm, back to the occult brand thing.

Though speaking of genes, another Gooooogle ad took me to Ebay where they were selling “soft robes for magical use” and I found this. She must be a witch from Saskatchewan.

It’s still no excuse. Wait, no? she’s from France. I think Saskatchewan and France have something in common though. Perhaps they adopted the hawt eugenics programme that the Czech Republic obviously has in place. There can be no other explanation.

I need some books on occult eugenics. I think Aleister Crowley and Michael Bertiaux have some writings on this?

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