There is a lot of unredacted horror here. Hank Pym, Giant Man, keeping his uninfected friend the Black Panther alive so he can cut away fresh meat when the urge strikes. (“You want to know something really scary?” he confesses. “I like the way flesh tastes. Really, I do. If I were to somehow find a cure for whatever’s going on with us – if things went back to the way they were – or as close as they could get…I think I’d still eat people.”) Spiderman, tormented as ever, agonizing in the moments his head clears after a feed. (“I ate my wife – my aunt! – Why?! Why did I do that?!”) Call them “alternates,” but there can be no looking at these characters the same way. And honest to God, it’s about time.

Full Story: Rigorous Intuition.

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