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The Da Vinci Prayerboook

Gnostic priest Jordan Stratford‘s book is out:

An ordained Gnostic Priest Jordan Stratford has just released a response to the The da Vinci Code phenomenon. Dan Brown?s bestselling novel and upcoming film have drawn out countless critics deriding the work as “Gnostic”, and now for the first time Gnostics are taking the opportunity to speak for themselves.

The irony is that the premise of Brown’s novel isn’t Gnostic at all, and the word never occurs in the book. Rather than reject the divinity of Jesus, Gnostics in the early Christian Church understood that the Logos, the incarnated Word of God, was always immortal.

Full Story: Key 23.

Underground Stream: A Venn Diagram Connecting the Major Streams of Western Mysticism

underground stream venn diagram

It does unfortunately tend to portray those religions as somehow the by-product of Gnosticism, which is not the case.

The purpose of this is to show that, for the countless millions who feel completely disconnected from, say, Islam, that there is in fact an ancient historical relationship not only to the external theologies of Judaism and Islam, or Islam and Christianity, but also a shared, deeper meaning. A familiarity among non-Gnostics with the form and resonance of Gnosticism, I feel, can help in understanding the common ground of all religious experience, particularly among “western” religions. And Gnosticism, as younger than two of these and older than the other two, does seem to serve as a convenient meeting point for a deep-ecumenism.

Jordan Stratford: Underground Stream

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