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Platform from Timothy Leary’s Campaign for Governor of California

Before The Open Source Party. Before The Guns and Dope Party. Before The Revolution Party. In 1969, Timothy Leary ran for governor of California against Ronald Reagan. The motto was “Come together – join the party” and John Lennon originally wrote the song “Come Together” for Leary.

According to a letter from Leary published in Mondo 2000 # 6 in 1992, this was Leary’s platform:

1. The basic function of government is to protect individuals against organized gangs and groups.

2. Decentralization: California secedes from the USSA.

3. Another basic function of govt. is to entertain/educate.

4. The government makes a profit. Instead of paying taxes, the citizen received dividends.

5. The profits derived from licensing pleasures: Marijuana license like an auto license/registration, hard liquor, gambling; prostitutes were professionals like dentists or lawyers; LSD, etc., used in state parks or theme parks; Entry taxes – California would be like an amusement park – entrance fees and daily residence fees; Education – California specializes in education – non-Californians paid substantial fees.

The only other info I could find about the platform:

Revealing part of his guber-natorial platform for the first time, Leary pledged solutions to California’s 10 major political problems.

He leaked out only a few of those solutions, but what did emerge was unique — to say the least.

“I’m going to legalize marijuana and charge a $1,000 a year permit fee for those who want to make it,” he said.

“Given the size of California population, that will generate a huge amount of additional revenue each year.

“Then I’ll turn that money over to the police and the forces of the right wing to keep them happy and off people’s backs,” Leary explained.

Wouldn’t that be discriminating against the poor who can’t afford $1,000 a year for the privilege of turning on? he was asked.

“That’s not really a problem,” he explained, “because it’s only a short-term situation — in five years I’ll eliminate all money from Californian society and return to a barter system.”


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Imagine This: John Lennon Assassination Theories

On December 8, 1980 former Beatle John Lennon was murdered by Mark Chapman outside his apartment.

But was Chapman working alone? Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon, says no. “Anybody who thinks that Mark Chapman was just some crazy guy who killed my dad for his personal interests, is insane. Or very naive. Or hasn’t thought about it clearly. It was in the best interests of the United States to have my dad killed. Definitely,” he said.

And why should a conspiracy come as a surprise? Lennon, a radical revolutionist, had just started recording again and a new president, Ronald Reagan, had just taken office.

Fenton Bresler suggests in his book Who Killed John Lennon that Mark Chapman had been brainwashed to serve as a “Manchurian Candidate” to kill the prolific counter-culture leader.

But “Dp2Spirits” suggests that the “lone nut” theory may not be so nutty after all. On his web site he explores the synchronicity between the lives of Chapman, Lennon, Todd Rundgren, and Holden Caulfield and how they may have led Chapman to murder.

Is this geocities hosted site an attempt to throw conspiracy theorists off track, or a legit theory on workings of a bizarre mind? Or perhaps the government selected Chapman as their “Manchurian Candidate” because of his unique obsessions and worked towards deranging him further. Check out the info and draw your own conclusions.

Who Killed John Lennon Excerpts from Fenton Bresler’s book.

Lennon’s Murder an exploration of the “lone nut” theory. Were Lennon and Chapman were destined to meet?

Washington Killed Lennon Says Son an interview with Sean Lennon

The John Lennon FBI files a source of information about John Lennon, the FBI files and
the book Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files by Jon Wiener

FBI Rock Criticism introductory chapter of Wiener’s book Come Together: John Lennon and His Time

What If John Lennon Lived? Ideas on what the world would have been like if JFK and Lennon had not been assassinated.

Bagism An excellent John Lennon site

John and the Number 9 John Lennon and the number nine synchronicities

Paul Is Dead FAQ Information on the “Paul is Dead” hoax which has fascinated many a Beatle fan.

All Dead Except Paul an interesting idea

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