Number popularity contest

The researchers behind the java applet The Secret Lives of Numbers used “custom software, public search engines and powerful statistical techniques… to determine the relative popularity of every integer between 0 and one million”. But I couldn’t get the damn thing to display the popularity of 23.
Link (via Noo-Face).

Magick made easy!

Ramiel posted this on the Barbelith forum while back: a java program for creating sigils. For some more info on making sigils check out Grant Morrison’s article about sigils and Chaos Matrix’s sigil basics.

Update: The Java based one is gone, but here’s a Flash based one.

And here’s a 3D Java one.

And one done in PHP.

Freenet: the Future of File Transfer?

Last week the hackers working on The Freenet Project corrected the Windows installer.. so now anyone with Windows and Java should be able to use it. For those who don’t know, Freenet is a decentralised information storage and retrieval system. It works by chaching and mirroring content and allows people to distribute data without fear of censorship. Currently in the works are a Freenet based e-mail program, a music sharing program, and the system can be used to serve web sites.

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