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Congratulations to Woody Creek’s Royal Couple

Hunter S. Thompson married his assistent Anita Beymuk April 24th.

It was done with fine style and secrecy in order to avoid the craziness and drunken violence that local lawmen feared would inevitably have followed the ceremony. I know nothing about planning even the simplest wedding, nothing at all, and neither does sweet Anita, who is now my Wife. So we did it the Bhuddist way. We drove straight to the County Courthouse on a stormy Thursday morning and were happily married by noon. Sheriff Bob performed the ceremony, his wife took pictures, and a black priest from Sicily handled the video camera. It was fun.

AP: Writer Hunter S. Thompson Gets Married

Hey Rube: The royal wedding (Thompson’s column)

Still Gonzo After All These Years

In an interview with MarketWatch, Hunter S. Thompson advises Bush to quit. Short interview, with a bit of back story. It says his new book will be published in December and will be called Kingdom of Fear (I can’t remember if the month and title had been announced before).

MarketWatch: Hunter Thompson is still all-Gonzo

(via The Drudge Report)

Hunter S. Thompson calls Seinfeld a “Hackneyed, Comedic Lint Head” and Other Names

A fax from Hunter S. Thompson to his agent has emerged. Thompson claims Seinfeld has been trying to manipulate him into contributing material for a new sitcom.

Plastic: Short, Sweet, Dripping With Venom, Yet Definitely Gonzo

Paxil and Sleeping Pills Reviewed by an L.L. Bean Version of Hunter S. Thompson

Two of the most entertaining articles I’ve read online recently are Seth Stevenson’s Paxil and over the counter sleeping pill reviews. Stevenson recklessly indulges in these socially acceptable drugs like an L.L. Bean version of Hunter S. Thompson, the results are sometimes scary but always funny.

Slate: Extroverted Like Me, How a month and a half on Paxil taught me to love being shy.

To Sleep: Perchance To Take Lots of Pills

(via Bonnie)

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Hunter S. Thompson Column on ESPN Website

Apparently, Hunter S. Thompson had been writing a column on ESPN’s web site. However, it’s currently down for HST’s “summer vacation” to make a movie (involving Julia Roberts, or is it a joke? You never can tell with him…). Anyhoo, you can read the archives there and he says he will be back in the fall to cover football. (Link via Memepool).

The Hunter S. Thompson-like Insult Generator

I’ve been sending these insults out randomly to people on my ICQ list. I’m such a nice person. (link).

Update: The above update just goes to the Perl source code. I can’t find it hosted anywhere. I tried getting it running on my own server, but it didn’t work. I might re-implement it in JavaScript when I have a chance.

Update 2: Here’s my JavaScript version, and here’s the source code.

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