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Fighting Advice from Juicy Juicy Karkass

Justin Boland Interview at Boing Boing

Hump Jones

Chris Arkenberg continues to rack-up the interviews:

You’ve released a number of projects under various names. Would you talk a little about these projects and your aliases? Do your avatars embody & express your art in some way?

I suppose they do, man. They definitely embody the fact that my interests are intense and short-lived, that I tend to give all my content away for free, and there’s also a strong whiff of the stubborn stupidity I’m known for. I’ve made music as Wombaticus Rex, as Humpasaur Jones, and as Algorhythms, as well as way, way too much other stuff. I’m somewhere between 50% and 90% of DJ Multiple Sex Partners, depending on the vintage. The Hump Jones project was dangerously stupid, I was really pushing the Total Sexual Freedom meme past legally safe boundaries there, although I will probably still publish the book, Human Sexuality for Filthy Apes, that I was preparing for that. It makes me sound like more of a perv than I am, but that entire project was borne out of a single joke instructional song about anal sex. In retrospect, it was good, loving advice and I stand by it, so perhaps it was not a joke track after all?

Boing Boing: Justin Boland – The indie hip hop game

History of the vocoder

How to Wreck a Nice Beach

I heard an interview with Dave Tompkins, author of How to Wreck a Nice Beach the other day on Hard Knock Radio (you can find an archive with the episode here – it’s the April 12th 2010 episode). Here’s a description from the book’s site:

The vocoder, invented by Bell Labs in 1928, once guarded phones from codebreakers during World War II; by the Vietnam War, it had been repurposed as a voice-altering tool for musicians and soon became the ubiquitous voice of popular music.

In How to Wreck a Nice Beach—from a mis-hearing of the vocoder-rendered phrase “how to recognize speech”—music journalist Dave Tompkins traces the history of electronic voices from Nazi research labs to Stalin’s gulags, from the 1939 World’s Fair to Hiroshima, from artificial larynges to Auto-Tune.

We see the vocoder brush up against FDR, JFK, Stanley Kubrick, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Kraftwerk, the Cylons, Henry Kissinger, and Winston Churchill, who boomed, when vocoderized on the morning before V-E Day, “We must go off!” And now vocoder technology is a cell phone standard, allowing a digital replica of your voice to sound human.

From T-Mobile to T-Pain, How to Wreck a Nice Beach is a riveting saga of technology and culture, illuminating the work of some of music’s most provocative innovators.

How to Wreck a Nice Beach official site

Buy How to Wreck a Nice Beach on Amazon.

Wombaticus Rex’s Islamabad

Wombaticus Rex ‘s EP Islamabad is available for download.

Freestyling as Gnosis

Great comment on on the magickal hip hop thread on Key 23 considering freestyling as channeling of the other:

this is where you don’t even realize you’re freestyling anymore. we?ve noticed that without fail, the best rhymes we’ve ever committed to minidisc, we have no memory of doing. this is where you?re channeling from the cosmos and really humping the Logos good.


I think that language itself is beginning to communicate with us. I look forward to understanding what the hell it?s talking about.

Mp3s here.

Galang Galang Galang

Futurism Ain’t Shit interviews M.I.A

M.I.A.’s “Galang” video

Official M.I.A. site (used to have mp3s, currently under construction)

Immortal Technique: Bin Laden

I’ve only recently learned about Immortal Technique, but people are calling him the new Rakim or the new Chuck D. I don’t know about all that, but he’s amazing. And this song with DJ Green Lantern is the most intense anti-Bush songs yet.

You can listen to it at YouTube

Official site

Mc 900 Ft. Jesus: While the City Sleeps

I was just thinkin’ MC Frontalot reminded me a little of MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Oddly enough, Scenestars has “While the City Sleeps” and “The Killer Inside Me” online right now.

Update: The link above is dead now, but you can still find a bunch of MC 900 Ft. Jesus on YouTube:

The City Sleeps

The Killer Inside Me

Bonus: Truth is Out of Style and Adventures in Failure.

MC Frontalot: indier than thou

Check out this great nerdcore rapper. I really like the song “Crime Spree.”

MC Frontalot mp3s.

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