Richard Metzger on the Gspot

Richard Metzger

Disinfo co-founder and current Dangerous Minds host Richard Metzger is interviewed by Joseph Matheny on the latest Gspot.

The GSpot: Richard Metzger

Interview with me about Psychetect at the G-Spot

Psychetect release party

(Above: Me playing at the Psychetect album release party)

Psychetect interview on the G-Spot

A couple notes:

1. I announce during the interview the upcoming City of Dead Toys EP, a collaboration between Skerror and me.

2. I’ll be opening for The Steven Losambras at The Parlour in PDX on April 30th.

GSPOT: Neko reports from Emerald City ComiCon

Still on the tip of DIY art, Neko sends his debut episode from the 2009 Emerald City ComiCon. Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole, Sounds of Your Name, Walkie Talkie) talks about his start in comics, dressing up as oppressed breakfast cereal characters in his former band Soophie Nun Squad, and why Indiana is such a racist state (and more).

G. Willow Wilson (Air, Vixen: Return of the Lion, Cairo) is asked about the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, flight, symbols, dreams… and how they all relate to her work.

Corey “The Rey” Lewis (Sharknife, Peng!) vigorously discusses his online roots, his online comics par excellence Seedless (updated every Wednesday) and Rival Schools (finished), and where his ideas come from. And the burning question: when will we see him draw a comic by Warren Ellis?

Camilla D’Errico (Nightmares & Fairy Tales, BURN, The Fallen) teases us with a little info about her upcoming project with Grant Morrison (which has, since this was recorded, changed to “The New Bible“). Much gushing, of course, follows. Also discussed: her project with Avril Lavigne, the upcoming videogame she’s working on, the upcoming books, her blasphamous Jesus comic book in high school, her love of manga… and why she hasn’t read Final Crisis yet! Featuring the music of Divorce Chord (Nate Powell’s current band) and The Secret Meeting… plus, some sekrit songs that you may or may not recognize.

And if that wasn’t enough… Lyxzén Suicide tells a joke, “Spider-Man” is asked a very important question, “Stan Lee” says something very NSFW, and more high weirdness.

The GSpot- Live from the Past: Emerald City ComiCon

GSpot #47- Matt Kelland: Machinima

Joseph Matheny talks to Matt Kelland of Moviestorm about the art form of Machinima and Matt’s company Moviestorm, which produces free software to produce your own Machinima movies. Music by Coldcut and The Rolling Stones.

Download from: the G-Spot

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The GSpot #46: Mystery X

Infictive.com Scholar Mystery X avoids all discussion of his previous album Blame Anonymous and instead we discuss the on-going entheogenic research being conducted by members of the Journal of Infictive Research.

We discuss at length the origin, form, function, and intent behind the largest Wik your path to ADVENTURE on the internet.

We close with out-takes from the Blame Anonymous album that have until now not been heard.

Download from: the G-Spot

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Podcast round-up

GSPOT: Wes Unruh interviews Taylor Ellwood.

Phase II: Hypershielf Pt. 2.

GSPOT: Joseph Matheny and Chandra Shukla Interview Andrew Liles.

Viking Youth: Erik Davis on Scientology.

Viking Youth: The Knee Deep Slumber of the American Buffet.

Point of Inquiry: Norm Allen – African American Religiosity, Humanism, and Politics.

Point of Inquiry: Robert M. Price – The Paperback Apocalypse.

Adam Gorightly: Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

Adam Gorightly: Kentroversy Returns.

Occult of Personality: Bishop T Allen Greenfield on gnosticism.

Occult of Personality: Lon Milo Duquette.

Podcast round-up

It’s been way too long since I’ve done this (about a month):

Viking Youth Power Hour on Scientology.

Occult of Personality: The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Foster Case. (Plus several more).

Adam Gorightly: Richard Alan Miller. (Plus several more).

Point of Inquiry: Tom Flynn – The Science vs. Religion Warfare Thesis. (Plus several more).

Ripple: Estradasphere part 1 and part 2. (Contains a Technoccult ad!)

G-Spot: Hellhounds and Lapdogs, a conversation about the recent Alterati take down that Technoccult may have helped cause (sorry guys!)

Halfcast episode 9. My personal favorite podcast.

Podcast round-up

Halfcase episode 8.

Phase II: Wes Unruh interview.

The G-Spot episode 20 Sean Marsden interview, and more.

Plus Ultra: Joel Gilbert, writer and director of Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and the Revolt of Islam.

Point of Inquiry: Richard Dawkins – Science and the New Atheism.

Point of Inquiry: Student Freethought Leaders Speak Out.

The Viking Youth: How to Cook a Hippie.

Someday You Will Be Dead.

Occult of Personality: An Inquiry Into Suppressed Information.

Podcast round-up

The G-spot Episode 19, Wes Unruh discusses DIY Gaming with Casey O’Donnell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. And more.

Alterati: Adam Gorightly part 2.

Occult of Personality: Lupa on Therioshamanism.

Phase II: Paul Laffoley part 2.

Point of Inquiry: Keith Stanovich – Robot’s Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin. New one this week. See also PI’s interview with Church of Satan high priest Peter Gilmore on science and Satanism.

Plus Ultra: Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, author of The World’s Greatest Email.

Podcast round-up

The G-Spot Episode #15: The Eight Circuits

(I missed posting several episodes, check ’em out).

The Viking Youth Power Hour: Time Traveling.


Plus Ultra Podcast Episode: Interview with Jan Lamprecht.

(Yeah, I missed a few of these as well).

10ZM.TV: Rodney Brooks Builds Robots.

(Never linked to this one before, archives here).

All’s quiet at The R.U. Sirius Show and NeoFiles.

What else should I be including here?

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