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I might be courting a SOPA charge by linking to this, but someone’s made the entirety of the defunct Grey Lodge Occult Review available for download.

Psychedelic Heroin: Grey Lodge Archives

The rest of the site is worth poking around in as well. For example, here’s a collection of spoken word snippets from various thinkers that Technoccult readers may be familiar with.

Farewell Greylodge

I just received this e-mail from the Greylodge e-mailing list:

Greylodge.org has now officially and we’re pretty sure, finally closed. After almost 10 years of serving the indie book/music/film community,. being covered on MSNBC, written up in the Wall Street Journal and blogged on Boing-Boing and countless other blogs, we have finally caved under the pressure of countless legal threats, religious hackers and finally the tragedy of losing Doctor Grey. Maybe someday we’ll start something new, but for now, we leave it to someone else to step up and fill the void.

It’s been a pleasure serving you.


-Pale Rider

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