Freeman to appear on Alex Jones show July 16th

Freeman writes:

It was bound to happen and the time has come. I have been invited to be a guest in the studio with Alex Jones. The show airs at 1pm CST (check infowars.com for local listing) Wednesday July 16th. This will be a show you do not want to miss. This is when the occult agenda meets the political. I hope to show the Patriot movement another side of the plot. Had Alex Jones and I met before 9/11 we would have had the entire story years before it occurred. I hope to share my understanding of the brotherhood’s rituals. The illuminati’s agenda is beyond mere military strategy; it is wrapped up in the occult forces of secret societies. This is a spiritual battle. I intend to prove this to Alex’s listeners. We will break through to the new paradigm; a truer understanding of the overall picture. We will try to set a course for a whole new world, free from brotherhood fascism and open to our true life’s purpose as stewards of life on Earth.

Listen at Infowars

Freeman Perspective

Furtive Encounters: Freeman’s UFO encounter and more

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OSOTO-3 raises new and troubling questions

OSOTO, Issue 3 – Featuring an account of Freeman’s UFO encounter on the drive to Esozone 2007, excerpts from the FBI’s Marmaduke file, and a two-page homage to Mark Lombardi involving electronic camouflage of pinball machines in some dilapidated barracks at an abandoned military base on the city’s outskirts. Print edition is out now. E-mail us for more information. Special thanks to our sponsor, Martinez Double-Weight Cinder Blocks. POSTED 22 FEB 08

Furtive Encounters.

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Freeman Perspective: Paul Laffoley Interview

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Freeman: An Afternoon with Paul Laffoley

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