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Top 10 Counterculture Colleges in America

The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, which I happen to go to, was selected by High Times as the number one counterculture school in the America. Whoo hoo! The story’s spotty, but it paints a pretty good picture of what life is like here. My biggest complaint is that the reporters were only here during spring, when it rains less and people are less miserable. The local paper did an equally spotty job of reporting on the story. Seems people around here are concerned that the publicity will hurt Evergreen, and the school works hard to deny that marijuana is any more prevalent here than at any other school. They also complain that the story wasn’t based on scientific data. Like what? Counterculture actions per capita? The problem is that the school has been trying hard to “mainstream” Evergreen by emphasizing sports and de-emphasizing culture. The administration seems to want the school to become just another state college. Hopefully this article will attract some bright free-thinkers to the school and keep the counterculture spirit alive.

Alexander Shulgin working on new book, gives lecture

Tonight I attended a lecture by TiHKAL and PiHKAL author Alexander Shulgin at the Evergreen State College today. He’s working on a new book called Quinolines I Have Known And Loved. Quinolines are non-mescaline chemicals found in certain psychoactive cacti. [Update: I think this may have ended up becoming the book The Simple Plant Isoquinolines]

He’s a pretty interesting guy, very excited by chemistry. He got really into the lecture and was constantly scribbling diagrams of molucules (“dirty little pictures” he called them). He said he tried DXM back in the 60s when it was available as Romilar pills and found it to be a “Spacey death like experience. I didn’t like it.”

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