Beyond Growth’s Eric Schiller to Present on Digital Hipsterism at EsoZone Portland 2011

Eric Schiller

Beyond Growth co-founder Eric Schiller will give a presentation titled “Digital Hipsterism: Anti-intellectual Movements in Social Media” at EsoZone Portland 2011 on November 18. Here’s Eric’s description of the talk:

In this talk I will explore how social media technology has facilitated the creation of loose ‘internet cults’, and how they are used to influence their followers. I will analyze elements of the lifestyle design movement, Hacker News, and Reddit to further the thesis that social media portrays itself as a transparent means of communication yet in reality is anything but. Using the notion of ‘Digital Hipsterism’ to unmask the authoritarian and anti-intellectual core of these movements, I will demonstrate how depth of research and well reasoned arguments are not valued, but merely the appearance of depth is regarded as the ideal truth.

Eric is a part-time social critic and philosopher. When not writing snarky essays, he works as a freelance web designer and developer in Seattle.

Eric’s essay on digital hipsterism can be found here. You can read the Technoccult interview with Eric and his collaborator Duff McDuffee here.

Punk Mathematics Author Tom Henderson to Keynote EsoZone Portland 2011

Tom Henderson, author of the forthcoming book Punk Mathematics, will keynote EsoZone Portland 2011 on November 18th at p:ear. Admission is free. Tom’s talk is tentatively titled “Time, Space, and the Self are Illusions – So Do ‘You’ Wanna Go ‘Out’ with ‘Me’ ‘Tonight’?” He’ll cover:

    • Mining your history for strategy
    • Virtual paranoia
    • Your eigenself and “you”
    • Using the howling void beyond your epsilon of consciousness for a good time

Tom has a masters in mathematics from Portland State University. According to the Kickstarter page for his book:

Punk Mathematics will be a series of mathematical stories. It is written for readers who are interested in having their minds expanded by the strange metaphors and implications of mathematics, even if they’re not always on friendly terms with equations. Better living through probability; the fractal dimension of cities and cancers; using orders of magnitude to detect bullshit; free will and quantum economics; and the mathematics of cooperation in a networked world on the brink of a No Future collapse.

For more on Tom, you can follow him on Twitter, read the Technoccult interview with him or listen to this interview on the Acme Science podcast Strongly Connected Components.

EsoZone Portland 2011 will take place over the course of November 18th and 19th. It will include a few pre-scheduled presentations, workshops and performances along with ample free space for ad-hoc “unconference” sessions in the style of BarCamp or Bird of a Feather.

Watch this space for more announcements.

Save the Date: EsoZone Portland 2011: Nov. 18-19 at p:ear

EsoZone Portland 2011 logo

This year’s EsoZone Portland will be on November 18th and 19th at p:ear. We’ll be accepting donations to cover venue rental costs soon.

We’ll be following the unconference format again this year, but stay tuned for announcements of a few pre-scheduled talks, workshops and performances.

What: EsoZone Portland 2011

November 18 7pm – Midnight
November 19 1pm – Midnight

338 NW 6th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209

(Logo by Danny Chaoflux)

Coilhouse Birthday/Fundraiser Party This Weekend in NYC

Coilhouse party flyer

If you’re in New York City this weekend, you should check the Coilhouse birthday party/fundraiser party.

Coilhouse is a fantastic alt culture magazine edited by Nadya Lev, Zoetica Ebb and Meredith Yayanos with writing by the likes of David Forbes, Joshua Ellis and Jess Nevins. Check it out, and stop by the party if you think they’ve earned your support.

It’s Sunday, August 21st 2011 at the Red Lotus Room. Admission starts at $30. More details here.

Plan the Government-less Internet at Contact

Contact is an unconference organized by Douglas Rushkoff on the subject of building new, government-less Internets. The event will be held in New York City on October 20 2011.

Here’s part of Rushkoff’s explanation of the event:

At the epicenter of CONTACT will be the Bazaar – a free-form marketplace of ideas, demos, haggling, and ad-hoc connections. If you have visited the Akihabara, Tokyo’s ultra-vibrant open-air electronics market, or the under-the-highway open-air jade market of Kowloon, or even the Burning Man festival, you understand the power of combining commerce, physical location, and serendipity. A decidedly unstructured counterpart to the convened meetings, solo provocations, and the MeetUpEverywheres, the Bazaar will bring p2p to life, encouraging introductions, brokering, deal-making, food-tasting, and propositions of every kind. It is where the social, business, political, and spiritual agendas merge into one big human agenda.

Contact will hope to revive the spirit of optimism and infinite possibility of the early cyber-era, folding the edges of this culture back to the middle. Social media has come to be understood as little more than a marketing opportunity. We see it as quite possibly the catalyst for the next stage of human evolution and, at the very least, a way to restore p2p value exchange and decentralized innovation to the realms of culture, commerce and government.

Content was never king. Contact is. Please join us, and find the others.

Shareable: The Evolution Will Be Socialized

See also: 3 Projects to Create a Government-less Internet and 4 More Projects to Create a Government-less Internet

Reminder: EsoZone Portland is TONIGHT

Soup Purse workshop

soup purse

Above are some images from Soup Purse‘s occult music/audio sigilization work shop.

Some of the other stuff that happened last year:

-Altar building
-Group harmonics/chanting
-Sword fighting
-Workshops on Reichian therapy and the Hyatt method
-A comics jam (the results of which I was supposed to post online and still haven’t…)
-Discussions on all sorts of stuff, like subterranean weirdness, parasites and the “Skywalker syndrome.”

Come on down this year and contribute your own ideas and activities.


Can’t Come to EsoZone This Year? Astral Project (Again!)


Last year Nolon Ashley hosted an “Astral Convention” at EsoZone, and I helped out by providing a soundtrack of binaurel beats (generated with SbaGen) and live Psychetect noise noodling. We’ll be doing the same thing this year. Details:

6pm PST, October 10th

If you can’t make it at that time, astral time travel as well.

Here’s the EsoZone blog entry from last year, I’ll update with any more information Frater Zir provides me:

Can’t Make It to EsoZone Portland? Astral Project!

See also the The Akaschic Record of the Astral Convention (PDF), which started it all.

YES – EsoZone Portland 2010 is Happening – October 8-10

It hasn’t been promoted much, but yes – EsoZone Portland 2010 is happening. And it’s happening next weekend. I haven’t been involved in it much this year but I will be there.

EsoZone Portland 2010. Mutant unconference. Psychopomp as the wrap party. Consider what you’re contributing, contact us, and stay tuned.

Friday – 9pm til close
Saturday 2pm til close
Sunday 2pm til close

316 Nw 4th Ave
Portland, OR


Possible subject matter:

  • Outsider Art
  • Discordia
  • SubGenius
  • The Occult
  • Satanism
  • Conspiracy Analysis
  • Life Extension
  • Intelligence Enhancement
  • Space Migration
  • Psychedelic Futurism
  • Conciousness Expansion
  • R/evolutionary Living
  • Renegade Metaphysics
  • Radical Psychotherapy
  • Aliens
  • NeoShamanism
  • Temporary Autonomous Zones
  • Body Modification
  • Alternative Sexuality
  • Fringe Culture
  • Human-Dolphin Communication
  • DIY Media
  • Cybernetics and Systems Theory
  • Pranks
  • Atheism
  • Zen
  • Martial Arts
  • Recession Hacking
  • Facebook event page

    Facebook page (Seems to be the primary resource now)

    Esozone.com (not really the primary resource any more)

    Here’s a video from one of last years sessions:

    More stuff from last year here and here.

    Wasteland Weekend: October 22-24

    Wasteland Weekend

    From the event’s web site:

    Join the hundreds of fans coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert. Set up camp at our wasteland compound, surrounded by specially-built sets. Costumes are required and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged. Live for three days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies, beyond the grip of so-called civilization.
    Top DJs from all over will provide the soundtrack, fire dancers and bonfires will light up the night, and modified vehicles will shake the earth with their engines. Don’t miss it! Tickets on sale now.
    This is an ADULTS ONLY event.

    Wasteland Weekend

    See also: Wasteland vs. Burning Man

    To do in Chicago: Screening of William S. Burroughs documentary and Thee Majesty w/ Genesis P. Orridge LIVE

    Thee Majesty / Burroughs documentary poster

    Sounds like a hell of an event:

    Thursday March 4, 7:00pm / $20
    St. Paul’s Cultural Center

    Thee Majesty featuring Genesis Breyer P-Orridge!
    US premiere of Universalove featuring live accompaniment by Naked Lunch!

    Special sneak preview screening!

    CIMMfest 2010 kicks off with a William S. Burroughs-themed night of film and music. First up is Austrian band Naked Lunch, who will accompany the US premiere of Thomas Wolschitzs 2008 film Universalove with the songs they built the film around. Next up is a special, but secret, screening of a documentary featuring Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Jello Biafra, Grant Hart and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, followed by Q & A with the director. Finally, for the first time in Chicago, Thee Majesty featuring takes the stage. $20 gets you access to everything.

    Tickets here.

    (via Dangerous Minds)

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